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It was only when the damp chill of night licked against her skin and caused her to shiver did she realize that she had lost the day and had no idea where she even was. She had walked; and walked; and walked. Unable to think and unable to feel.

Kenzie slid her knapsack off her shoulder and knelt with it between her knees. Unzipping the largest compartment, she rummaged among the clothes that Sam had been wearing. She had neither her jacket nor a sweater. "Fuck." She cursed under her breath. To her hip went her hand next. The bulge she had felt there was not her phone, but sixteen hundred dollars. She pulled it free and squeezed it, a bitter look sweeping across her face and tension coiling in her arm. She wanted to throw it for what it represented. Instead, owing to a bit of sense, she stuffed it into a small side pocket in her bag.

Her phone was found at the back of her jeans. Dead. Kenzie rolled her eyes and sighed. Her charger was back at the apartment. Somewhere nearby the warmer clothes she had sought. So used to having everything she owned on her, she would have to be more mindful about what she packed into the bag going forward.

She walked on. Finding a park bench nestled between two ornamental ash trees, Kenzie slumped down onto it, weary. Her gaze drifted to the wooden slats beside her and wandered... to a bottle of bubbles leaning against the back rest. Some child had left it behind. Her brow quirked as her gaze lingered on the yellow bottle and matching wand jutting just above the lip. She reached out, closed her thin fingers around it and brought it to her. Dipping the wand, Kenzie lifted it to her lips and blew softly; a stream of small bubbles drifted out into the darkness.

She broke. Buried her face into her hands and sucked in a hissing breath through her clenched teeth. The bottle of bubbles were pressed to her forehead as she trembled and wept and thumped a heel against the pavement.

The night had a chill to it, not that he took much notice. Anxiety and energy were wrapped up inside of him, bursting to be let out. So he walked. Paced down the sidewalk of a park. He would have stayed at the hospital with Ollie but the nurse had but her foot down and told him to leave. But he needed to be away, away from the silence of the apartment.

A familiar scent made his nose twitch and the otter let out a curious squeak. Something he knew. He had smelt it before. Following his nose he came upon a bench and a woman. She was wearing a red shirt and jeans with worn boots. Not dressed for the night chill. There was a knapsack beside her. Homeless? Her age was hard to place. Had she run away from home?

She smelled of wolf..of the only person he had met who had been a wolf anyway. Did they all smell the same? He didn't know. But there was also the salty scent of tears.

Crying alone in the dark. He had done that a lot.

"Are you alright?"

No sound followed the initial hiss of breath she drew. Her mouth was bared open in a silent scream and her eyes were squeezed shut as her mind strained and her body shook. The bottle of bubbles clattered to the ground and spilled as her hands shoved toward her scalp where her nails dug into skin and her fingers clenched painfully in her hair. Kenzie's heel took to scouring an angry blaze into the compacted dirt beneath her boot and then her next breath came choked. She gagged and spluttered on it.

"Why..." she croaked.

The blame was a boomerang. She threw it at him. He was no better than the other people in her life who had tossed her aside and abandoned her; those who had found her lacking and unworthy of their care, who had only ever been loyal to their limited need of her and washed their hands when that need was satisfied. He could not be trusted. No one could. He was not good. He had only wanted something. But those thoughts faltered; the blame hooked and come whirling back on her. She had fucked up this friendship. She was pathetic and no good for anyone; just a loser and a runaway.

Kenzie spiralled into the desperate darkness of her mind and was lost there. The approach of a young man went unnoticed until he spoke to her. She snapped her head up with a startled and strained gasp. Her face was red and streaked with tears. To her horror, she recognized Mr. King immediately. "FUCK OFF!" Kenzie roared at him, throwing her hand out to order him off as she sprang to her feet and glared in his direction. Her teeth were bared in a snarl as she, instantly feeling cornered, defensively lashed out at him. But one glance to her bag reminded her that she had another more preferred option.

She lunged for it. Her right hand snatched the strap and she took off down the sidewalk, slinging it over her shoulder as she ran.


The woman swore at him, shoved her hands in his general direction, and then took off. He stood there flabbergasted for a good minute before he took off after her. Not entirely sure why, or what he was going to do if he caught her. But no one should cry alone in the dark.

His feet pounded on the sidewalk, thankfully both being a were and having Ollie force him to work out meant he was in decent shape for this apparent chase. God he was going to have to thank Ollie later. All those awful work outs actually did something good.

What the hell was he going to do? But she was out here crying...a shifter, someone like him with no where to go.

"Wait! I'm not going to hurt you."

She heard him. She glanced over her shoulder and saw him.

He was chasing her!

"I SAID FUCK OFF!!" Kenzie screamed again, this time there was a coarseness to her command reminiscent of a snarl. She ran on, faster in her surging urgency to be gone away from him. Her wolf was with her; running beside her. She knew its paws lent swiftness to her feet. This was not the first time she had experienced the ability to run as she ran now, and she had learned in time that it had nothing to do with adrenaline alone. She was a runner before she was ever a wolf, and Kenzie was impossible to keep up with for most. But... this was another shifter on her heels.

She cut down an alley way and sprang over a fence, then cut right and kept going, determined to be rid of the young man and the threat of being recognized and confronted.

Oh my god. Why the hell was he chasing her? Especially as she yelled for him to fuck off yet again. But there as kindling of determination starting to build. Fuck if he was going to lose this chase. This was a matter of proving that Ollie's training was worth something. Although fuck he did not like exercise.

She turned sharply into an alley way and he followed after, narrowly avoiding hitting the wall. Of course there was a fence. Why wouldn't there be? Still Ollie's training paid off again as he easily jumped and climbed over it. Although one of the chain links dug painful into his hand cutting through the skin.

He jumped off the top and landed shakily on his feet. Slow down! He cursed at her in his head as he took off yet again after the crazy wolf woman.

She didn't know this area. Each twist and turn in her path was made with fingers crossed that she'd shake her foolish pursuer and find her freedom. Unfortunately, she rolled the dice and lost. Kenzie's next turn down an alleyway brought her to an unscalable dead end; the unwelcoming span of brick and mortar reaching for the sky. She skidded to a halt, furious and frantic blue claiming the gray of her eyes as she realized she was trapped. Cornered. She spun and charged back the way she had come; woe betide any who stood in her way or tried to block her.


There was his chance. She had run into a dead end. Steeling himself for the absolute misery that usually befell his body after doing a stupid move he full out tackled the woman. His arm attempting to go around her waist and push against her. Hopefully to the ground, although it would bring him down as well.

Who can't tackle now Ollie. He though a little satisfactory.



Of course Mr. King was right there. She thought to run him over, push him aside before he could back her against the wall and ask her questions and figure out who she had been pretending to be. It never crossed her mind to anticipate that he would tackle her. Had she not been caught so off guard Kenzie might have put a little more force and a little less speed behind her charge. It was too late to amend that.

It happened in an instant. The pair of them collided. She was taken down on her back, her breath knocked out of her as her spine met with unforgivingly with concrete. Mr. King was on top of her. His arm was around her. Kenzie launched into an immediate frenzy. Her wildly swinging fists cuffed him around his ears and battered his arms as her feet kicked and thrashed. She struck hard and fast but without technique or any focused aim whatsoever. She was panicking. The boy had no idea what he had set in motion.

"Get.... OFFFFFF!!!!!" It roared out of her. Guttural, deeply coarse and utterly snarling. The loud and terrible bellow was punctuated by a sickening sharp crack and spray of blood as the wolf rushed forward and out; her canines had splintered and shot down into menacing fangs as her jaw unhinged and started to reshape. Kenzie's strained inhale was a grating rumble as a chorus of breaking and tearing followed suit.

Mr. King might have tackled the girl, but he had landed on the wolf.

Permission granted to not roll for the smacks. :)


Oh Fuck. The battering of fists to his head and arms hadn't really deterred him, they stung but clearly didn't have the force behind them to break his hold. And then everything went south real fucking fast. Blood splattered over his face as the woman's jaw unhinged itself.

Okay so tackling another were was on the list of stupid fucking things to do. Good to know.

He unlatched his hands and rolled off of her scrambling to his feet. Okay....okay...fuck.

This was bad. This was fucking bad.

Forget helping the woman. He did not want to get eaten, which he was pretty sure was on the agenda as soon as the change finish. Which gave him only a couple minutes to get the fuck out of there.

So he did the only sensible thing that night. He bolted back down the alley.

"Oh fuck. Sorry!"

This is what it had took — a fierce and feral animal tearing from her body — for the foolish boy to finally heed her warnings and fuck off.

Mr. King's arms and hands unhooked from her body and he pitched to the side, chased by a grotesque and laughing grin as the girl's face twisted into the snout of a wolf. He was up. Scampering off. "Frr'ckn rrrrun bitchhh." The low, growling words dripped from the wolf's jaws beside long strands of blood-tinged slaver that collected beneath her as Kenzie rolled, planting her paws firmly onto the concrete. Thick fur rose at her scalp between tall ears and swept down the rest of her, shooting out and around a long jut of spine and muscle. "HrrRRehehHAWRH!" The snarling cackle bore her triumph and pain as her back snapped and arched and her hips realigned.

Standing stiffly and huffing over shredded clothes, the black wolf's blazing blue eyes pierced through the shadows of the alleyway, as though still fixed threateningly on the target that was now lost to sight. It drew a deep breath and thrust it's head back, jaws parting in the classic posture of the howling wolf. Only, the beast never made a sound. It reconsidered. Dropped the leather of its nose to snuffle at the tattered fabrics. Lapped curiously at droplets of blood as it prowled around the site of its birth. Then its nose bumped into the fatigued canvas of Kenzie's bag and here it lingered. Its teeth nipped at a pocket that often contained pepperoni and cheese sticks or jerky, before closing around the small hoop at the top from which the knapsack could be hung; and hang it did from those jaws.

The creature peered cautiously around the corner of the building before it stepped out of the alleyway, then slinking through the darkness, it made a cagey escape toward the treed riverbank in Ravenswood.

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