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They arrived around forty minutes later. McDonalds had been a necessary pit stop, and they were loaded up with burgers during the rest of the drive. Of course, he saved Eli two double cheeseburgers and some nuggets, but the rest was immediately devoured. The house they pulled up to was fancy as fuck, but that was to be expected from a doctor. He felt like a smudge of dirt as he hopped out and his scuffed shoes touched ground with the scary clean driveway. Between this dude's house and Alice's not-mansion mansion, he couldn't help but feel pretty shitty. But, he was trying here. He took comfort in getting Alice looked at by a doctor for like ten bucks worth of McDonalds.

Asher circled around to help Alice out, and hoped they weren't about to be greeted by Dr. Zoidberg. Last thing he wanted was to bring Alice to someone that just made shit worse. But, Alex had recommended him. Not that he trusted Alex more than you could trust someone that stuck their neck out for you upon first meeting. Fingers crossed.


Forty-five minutes wasn't a lot of time, and forty was even less. But Eli had managed to pull a couple of plastic bins of his old supplies down from his spare room, dragging his coffee table out of the way and folding up the rug in order to set up what was, essentially, a staging area. He had no idea what he needed, but he'd been going through and checking the expiry dates on what he had, figuring this was as good a wake up call as any.

Time to get your crap together, doctor.

Usually a pediatrician wouldn't have had most of this--or possibly any of it--at home. But this wasn't his first gig as the local superbeast medical professional. It was just a matter of time until he was established more effectively as one here. Step one was clearly sorting his supplies. Step two would have been a lot nicer if he could have made it getting new ones, but step two was apparently helping a mystery raccoon(?).

Thinking he still had about five minutes, he was a little needlessly surprised when he heard a car in the drive.

Not even waiting for them to get to the door, he was there in the threshold of his newly opened front door, looking intent... but casual about it. Intently casual, as if that were a thing at all. "You need help getting in here?" he asked without leaving his front step, hand still on the door frame, already assessing what he could from where he stood.

There was no doubt this was them. The coyote in his head was deeply curious about the nocturnal creatures on his property. Raccoon girl, confirmed.

Alice had been anxious the whole car ride there, so nervous that even the food they had picked up before arriving didn't taste as good to her empty stomach as it should have. She knew that she had to calm down, but taking deep breaths wasn't working, and her raccoon was literally on the verge of just taking over if things got dicey. She trusted Asher, she counted on him, but when it came to whatever doctor they were meeting, she was not in the least bit sure on how she felt about him.

As they drove up the drive way to the beaming house, Alice felt her heartbeat quicken a considerable amount. Opening her door and hoping out with the help of Asher just as the man arrived to the door offering aide. "I got it." Alice answered quick, perhaps a bit rude, but she was just so fucking nervous. The scent of a bigger dog-like animal was not helping this at all. Asher had said Coyote, right?

"Thanks." She added after a moment, just so he didn't decide she was too rude to treat.

And put cams a middle aged white dude he’d imagine would come up on a stock image result for “Doctor.”

He offered help, but Alice was the one the answer as he eased her down and shut the door when she was on two feet. “Just lead us wherever you need her, thanks.” He offered, nicer than Alice but still notably tense. Even if she didn’t feel like she needed it, he took most of her weight going up the steps to the house, all but lifting her up with ease. When they got to the porch, he met the dude’s eye fully, “Asher, by the way, and this is Alice. Thanks for seeing us.” Get that out of the way now so Eli could focus on fixing her up.

Oh boy oh boy, everyone was sure tense, weren't they? Ah, well, nothing Eli wasn't used to. People in seek of emergency medical aid rarely were. His day job was often less stressful than this, so he was glad to be home where if things got questionable, he could handle it on his own terms. The girl--Alice--seemed less than thrilled, and she certain smelled injured, which was always disturbingly intriguing him to him. Asher--young and hipster-handsome, as people his age often were these days--seemed the uncomfortable middleman for this exchange, but it was best the patient have a friend around.

No smiles from Eli--it was really his nature and now wasn't the time. This wasn't the office where people expected their doctor to be in good spirits and sweet with the children, after all.

"Well, saying no would have been awful rude for no reason," he said, tone light enough as he took a good look at Alice on the front step for a moment. Well, she didn't seem to be missing anything important, at least. Eli," he told her, and might have offered her a hand of greeting if he hadn't also then turned to lead them into the house.

"Just back here in the living room, if she doesn't mind sitting on the floor a moment." If she was prone to bleeding, he'd much rather it on the floor than anything else. He should have pulled out towels... eh.

Making sure the door was shut and locked, into the living room they went where his supplies were mostly still in the plastic tubs but also partially on the floor. "Hey Google, play some music from my library," he prompted, momentarily distracted by his own thoughts and digging through to a package of gauze in one of the bins while his request was acknowledge and The Trapeze Swinger started playing at a soft volume from a speaker somewhere in the kitchen area.

"Alright, so you don't remember anything?" he asked Alice, hoping she'd turn out to be cooperative and not here with great reluctance.

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