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They arrived around forty minutes later. McDonalds had been a necessary pit stop, and they were loaded up with burgers during the rest of the drive. Of course, he saved Eli two double cheeseburgers and some nuggets, but the rest was immediately devoured. The house they pulled up to was fancy as fuck, but that was to be expected from a doctor. He felt like a smudge of dirt as he hopped out and his scuffed shoes touched ground with the scary clean driveway. Between this dude's house and Alice's not-mansion mansion, he couldn't help but feel pretty shitty. But, he was trying here. He took comfort in getting Alice looked at by a doctor for like ten bucks worth of McDonalds.

Asher circled around to help Alice out, and hoped they weren't about to be greeted by Dr. Zoidberg. Last thing he wanted was to bring Alice to someone that just made shit worse. But, Alex had recommended him. Not that he trusted Alex more than you could trust someone that stuck their neck out for you upon first meeting. Fingers crossed.


Forty-five minutes wasn't a lot of time, and forty was even less. But Eli had managed to pull a couple of plastic bins of his old supplies down from his spare room, dragging his coffee table out of the way and folding up the rug in order to set up what was, essentially, a staging area. He had no idea what he needed, but he'd been going through and checking the expiry dates on what he had, figuring this was as good a wake up call as any.

Time to get your crap together, doctor.

Usually a pediatrician wouldn't have had most of this--or possibly any of it--at home. But this wasn't his first gig as the local superbeast medical professional. It was just a matter of time until he was established more effectively as one here. Step one was clearly sorting his supplies. Step two would have been a lot nicer if he could have made it getting new ones, but step two was apparently helping a mystery raccoon(?).

Thinking he still had about five minutes, he was a little needlessly surprised when he heard a car in the drive.

Not even waiting for them to get to the door, he was there in the threshold of his newly opened front door, looking intent... but casual about it. Intently casual, as if that were a thing at all. "You need help getting in here?" he asked without leaving his front step, hand still on the door frame, already assessing what he could from where he stood.

There was no doubt this was them. The coyote in his head was deeply curious about the nocturnal creatures on his property. Raccoon girl, confirmed.

Alice had been anxious the whole car ride there, so nervous that even the food they had picked up before arriving didn't taste as good to her empty stomach as it should have. She knew that she had to calm down, but taking deep breaths wasn't working, and her raccoon was literally on the verge of just taking over if things got dicey. She trusted Asher, she counted on him, but when it came to whatever doctor they were meeting, she was not in the least bit sure on how she felt about him.

As they drove up the drive way to the beaming house, Alice felt her heartbeat quicken a considerable amount. Opening her door and hoping out with the help of Asher just as the man arrived to the door offering aide. "I got it." Alice answered quick, perhaps a bit rude, but she was just so fucking nervous. The scent of a bigger dog-like animal was not helping this at all. Asher had said Coyote, right?

"Thanks." She added after a moment, just so he didn't decide she was too rude to treat.

And put cams a middle aged white dude he’d imagine would come up on a stock image result for “Doctor.”

He offered help, but Alice was the one the answer as he eased her down and shut the door when she was on two feet. “Just lead us wherever you need her, thanks.” He offered, nicer than Alice but still notably tense. Even if she didn’t feel like she needed it, he took most of her weight going up the steps to the house, all but lifting her up with ease. When they got to the porch, he met the dude’s eye fully, “Asher, by the way, and this is Alice. Thanks for seeing us.” Get that out of the way now so Eli could focus on fixing her up.

Oh boy oh boy, everyone was sure tense, weren't they? Ah, well, nothing Eli wasn't used to. People in seek of emergency medical aid rarely were. His day job was often less stressful than this, so he was glad to be home where if things got questionable, he could handle it on his own terms. The girl--Alice--seemed less than thrilled, and she certain smelled injured, which was always disturbingly intriguing him to him. Asher--young and hipster-handsome, as people his age often were these days--seemed the uncomfortable middleman for this exchange, but it was best the patient have a friend around.

No smiles from Eli--it was really his nature and now wasn't the time. This wasn't the office where people expected their doctor to be in good spirits and sweet with the children, after all.

"Well, saying no would have been awful rude for no reason," he said, tone light enough as he took a good look at Alice on the front step for a moment. Well, she didn't seem to be missing anything important, at least. Eli," he told her, and might have offered her a hand of greeting if he hadn't also then turned to lead them into the house.

"Just back here in the living room, if she doesn't mind sitting on the floor a moment." If she was prone to bleeding, he'd much rather it on the floor than anything else. He should have pulled out towels... eh.

Making sure the door was shut and locked, into the living room they went where his supplies were mostly still in the plastic tubs but also partially on the floor. "Hey Google, play some music from my library," he prompted, momentarily distracted by his own thoughts and digging through to a package of gauze in one of the bins while his request was acknowledge and The Trapeze Swinger started playing at a soft volume from a speaker somewhere in the kitchen area.

"Alright, so you don't remember anything?" he asked Alice, hoping she'd turn out to be cooperative and not here with great reluctance.

Alice was stiff as a board as she was led into the Weres home, senses on high alert in case this guy got the bright idea to just attack her. Alice knew that her fears were probably unneeded given that most people who intended to do harm wouldn't just up and invite others to their house for healing, but she couldn't help but feel a bit on edge. The news that Were wounds didn't heal the same as regular wounds just had her feeling oddly human again.

The inside of the house was just as bright as the outside, Alice taking note of just how clean it was. Alice wasn't a dirty person, but cleaning to this extent had never been her forte. She was more the type to 'pick up' and when the time came, then really get down with some scrubbing bubbles and a towel. Seating herself on the floor with a wince of pain, Alice shifted her body so that most of her weight sat on the opposite side of her wound.

"No, I was a raccoon when it happened." She answered, glancing towards the kitchen as the music played.

On the floor. Professional. Asher did as instructed, not minding that his shoes tracked mud into the home. He would help Alice settle down before plopping down beside her, scooting to place his back against the couch and bending his knees to place his heels into the carpet. His arms came up to lock around them, hands clasped loosely as he looked over his shoulder at Eli talking to Google. Fancy. Some hipster shit started playing, but he didn't mind it.

A dumb question was asked, and an answer was given, and Asher stayed quiet for the time being.

It was what he'd gathered from the text conversation earlier, but Eli felt better hearing these things from the source. He spared her the lecture on the fact that being a raccoon did not preclude her from remembering, but that was hardly the point right here and right now.

Sterile pads, his stitch kit, the gauze, disinfectant... Hopefully that would be about all he needed. Her leg hadn't been bitten off, which was certainly something, but he wasn't about to go on about how this could have been so much worse for her. The last thing he wanted to do was stress her out to the point of needing to find a cupboard to lock her in while she had an animal fit.

"Alright, so I'm going to have to take a look and then I'll figure out what to do, but I imagine a few stitches to keep things together are likely. You ever had stitches before?"

He came back to sit down on the floor with her, his supplies set off to the side while he reached to try and get her to offer up her very sad appendage to his examination.


Nope, she had grown up just as pampered as she was now, and while she had beat Asher up on her first meeting him, roughhouse wasn't actually her thing. Shaking her head, Alice offered her wounded leg to the man as he motioned for it. "No." She squeaked out after a few moments, cursing the raccoon in her mind that was currently urging her to grab at the hooked needle.

"Its not gonna hurt like super bad right?'

Fuck, stitches. Alice wasn't the type that seemed like she could take stitches like a champ. She'd been doing well with the bite, but watching someone sew up your leg was another story. Something the raccoon might want to get involved in. "You got something to numb it?" He added on to Alice's question.

Eli couldn't even bring himself to do polite smiling. In his head, the coyote was all straight-faced tolerance--bare minimum for letting two small creatures into his home to bleed on his stuff and probably end up hating him in spite of him doing what he could for them at what would be no cost.

"The stitches won't hurt super bad, no," he said, neglecting to elaborate that the fact that she had clearly been chomped hard on the leg was what was going to make this whole thing hurt. No wound that deep liked to be played around with after the fact, but if they didn't get it closed up she was likely to get infected--not in the going-to-turn-into-what-bit-you sense, of course--and bleed way more than was reasonable.

The suggestion of numbing it made him want to bite something--just a little, an annoyed nibble--as if he didn't know how to do his job. But it was still a good question. "If you want to dig around in that bin over there, there should be a small container with some vials. See if I have any lidocaine left."

He didn't know it yet, but thankfully he did have some in there. That, at least, was a good step in the right direction as he set the suture supplies aside and focused on look at the wound with gentle touches to see how deep it went and how badly this was still bleeding. "How long ago was this done?" Whatever had nabbed her was pretty big. Bigger than her, at least. Probably even bigger than him.

Alice would glance towards Asher as the doc mentioned the possibility of numbing, completely unexcited by the thought that her wound may have to be played with without some sort of pain deterrent. As the doctor spoke again, Alice would leave Asher the task that was given to him, mulling over all the possible times. She didn't quite get what he didn't understand about her being a raccoon when the attack had happened. He should know full well that none of them remembered anything that happened during that time frame, and any sort of time estimate had the possibility of being completely wrong.

"We found out about the wound about half an hour before messaging you." Alice finally answered. "I turned about eight this morning, so its at least been eight or nine hours." She would never understand why her body took to sleeping after her shift, and why it took so long for her to wake up when she was not only on the hard ground, but naked as well, and this time bleeding to all hell.

A job was, ultimately, appreciated. Even if Elijah wasn’t the most pleasant dude. Asher would do as instructed, mouthing the word he’d been told to look for as he made his way to the supplies and rummaged through. It wouldn’t take long to find, and he listened with a frown as Eli pressed for an answer they already gave him. “She doesn’t remember shifts yet.” He said as he turned around to return to the two, handing over what he’d grabbed to the doctor and settling back down.

He got a decent answer from the girl--the estimate about all he could expect--, but Asher plucked at his patience and it was a willful effort not to roll his eyes even as he looked at the wound. He decided he'd numb it first, then clean it, then stitch it. The last thing he really wanted to tempt was a bratty raccoon chewing on his coffee table or something.

Taking the small glass vial from him, however, he muttered some thanks and looked at it. Blasted and expired, of course, but it should still work... But he'd have to give her double dose just in case. Probably should, anyway, if he wanted to work well instead of just quickly. Their metabolisms were not kind to drugs of any sort, helpful or otherwise.

Rooting around in the bit near his shoulder once more, he found a package of syringes in sterile wrapping and went about opening one up. At work he would have gotten yowled at for not using gloves, but there was nothing he could add to her system--or her to his--that wasn't already likely swimming around in there. The bite really was the worst of it.

"And how do we feel about needles, Alice?" he asked, prepping it, filling it, making sure there was no air and just lidocaine in the plunger.

Yet? Did the mean that Asher did remember shifts? She would definitely be hounding about this later, but for now the doc was asking her a question, one that left a harsh frown on her face.

"They're whatever." She answered, although honestly needles were far from her thing, and the more she thought about the sharp hook piercing her skin, the queasier her stomach felt. Alice had not once gotten any tattoos or piercings solely for the fact that there were needles involved, and when it came to shots of any kind she avoided them. The only reason she even had her ears pierced was because she had gotten it as a child, and even then she had been kicking up a fuss. Literally.

It wasn't like she was going to admit this to the doctor or to Asher, and so her face remained stoic, as she held back the urge to just run out of the house and bury herself into her bed at home.

They were whatever, but her heartbeat sure did sound strained.

Eli sighed as quietly as one could, deciding that if she shifted out of pride he would just find a way to humble an overgrown raccoon. Asher was--smartly!--already looking away.

"Alright, I'm just going to stick you with this real quick, you shouldn't even feel it. Then we'll give it a minute to numb up and I'll flush the wounds before we close them up." Liking handling a child, it was best if you explained things to them so there weren't any surprises. "If you need anything, you speak up, alright? I can't read your mind?"

And with that, he would take to dosing her with the anesthetic, a third of the syringe for each deep puncture. And if she didn't lose her furry little mind right then and there, he'd move away from her space to go pull out his saline solution kit and let it numb up.

Alice would nod, turning her head away from the doctor as he gathered his things, doing her best to ignore the sting of the wound as he began to fiddle with it. She wouldn't turn her head as the stinging ebbed away, focusing her attention instead on a wasp that had made its way up to the window. It thunked harmlessly against the glass, blocked from entering the home.

She could here the doc messing with his supplies, and her stomach sank as she imagined what was to come. The raccoon clattered noisily in her head, wary of what was to come and greatly influenced by Alice's current mood.

It was tense, because really, they had no way to predict how Alice's raccoon would react to being poked and prodded. It was already hurt, and in his experience, pestering an injured animal always went poorly. So, he kept his eyes on the ground, but focused on letting his raccoon chitter and chirp in Alice's direction, as some sort of silent soothing. Weird, but hopefully it helped.

"Okay," Eli said after a minute, coming back with a white handcloth and a bottle of saline. "You go ahead and touch them yourself, see if they're feeling numb. You tell me once they are and we'll do this. Just got to make sure there's no debris or anything in there before we go ahead and close up."

And so he would wait until she confirmed that she was ready, and if she'd allow him, he'd take to the first deepest puncture and as gently as one could, he would hold the towel to her leg beneath the wound and stick the sterile nozzle of the saline bottle into the wound and begin to flush it out.

She honestly didn't want to, but what was she going to do? Internally sighing, Alice kept her eyes glued to the wasp, inching her hand down towards the wound, stopping at she felt the tear in her skin. It didn't hurt when she brushed it lightly, and as she pressed upon the wound, it only stung enough to make her wince.

"Its as numb as I think it'll get." She answered, knowing full well that she wasn't going to get through this without feeling any pain at all.

Asher decided that pulling at a tuft of the rug they were sat on was one thousand percent more interesting than watching someone get stitches.

Well, here went nothing. Flushing out the wounds would go well enough--he would be appalled if she couldn't make it through that. With her at least partially numb she shouldn't even feel more than a slight pressure and maybe some coolness. And when he was satisfied that there was nothing lurking in her flesh that didn't belong there, next came the curved needle.

He didn't say anything about it, hoping no one was looking, and that if he didn't make a big deal out of it, neither would the raccoons. Still, as good as he was at this stuff... it wasn't pleasant for him, either, and he let himself zone out as he started stitching her up, trusting his hands and listening instead to the music playing in the background rather than listening to her heartbeat--or his own.

The sensation of a needle pulling in and out of your skin was no pleasant, not the most painful thing in the world currently, but stinging just enough that Alice struggled to drag her attention fully to the fray that Asher was currently tugging at. It was a struggle not to just pull her leg away, but somehow, Alice managed to keep completely still as the doctor worked. The raccoon would be chittering loudly back to Ashcoon, tense but managing to stay within her head rather than bursting forth to fuck up the fancy house they were all currently sitting in.

Alice wasn't the greatest patient of all time, but she also wasn't as horrible as she could have very easily been. Eli went over his contingency plan in his head as he worked. If she started to shift he had a closet with her name on it. Even a superpowered raccoon couldn't do much against that's, right? It wasn't like the was a raccoon king he could call to handle it, god it really would have been on him--he didn't trust Asher to be able to do much, sorry. He swallowed a little at the scent of continued blood, focusing on the melodic nature of Razor as is played rather than the lyrics, ever so grateful to be a competent coyote these days.

Ignore the fact that his pupils looked a little dilated from the black that had crept into the center of his iris.

Tying off the last one--three wounds, many stitches, but he felt like he'd done a neat job of it and he puffed a slow breath out through his mouth then picked up an alcohol wipe to run across and clean up the last bits of blood.

"Alright, looks good," he said, falling back to sit a little way away from her, cleaning up his own hands and then wrinkling his nose a little at the state of his living room. At least she hadn't bled on anything important. "I'd tell you to come back in in a few weeks and we can take them out, but reality is you're going to bust out of them the next time you shift, so that'll take care of that."

The doctor was pretty quick, or atleast Alice assumed he was quick, finishing up her stitches with not so reassuring words. She would glance over to the wound, biting her lip at just how gross they looked. There was absolutely nothing attractive about stitches, and she most definitely could not wait for them to go away and be gone forever.

"Do you think it'll scar?"Did Weres still get scars? God she hoped not.

"Thanks by the way. What do I owe you?" If she couldn't afford it, she was sure her dad could. (:

By the end of it, he'd maybe pulled a few stray strings of the carpet free, and his face was maybe just a little paler from the sounds of the stitches pulling through flesh that she couldn't ignore. Even over the distant music, his hearing was just too sharp. But, he'd made it, Alice had made it, and Eli had made it. Asher looked back up when the follow up instructions were being laid out. Briefly, he glanced at the scarring on his knuckles, but it wasn't the same was, it?

Eli stood up after a moment, though he'd let the other two stay where they were for a minute if they wanted. "Unless whatever bit you had silver-coated teeth, nope," he explained indirectly, moving to throw a few things in the trash in the kitchen just steps away.

The idea of them owing them anything, well... It made him smile wryly to the floor as he leaned down to pick up the suture needle he'd dropped on the tile. As tempting as it was sometimes, especially when attitudes were less than gracious, he wasn't enough of an ass to charge someone for needing help when it wasn't his professional obligation. Yes, he would charge parents with children and their insurance, but health care for weres was free.

"Don't owe me anything. Just maybe try not to get chewed up too hard in the future. Hopefully if there is a next time I'll be a little better prepared. Hadn't even unpacked most of this stuff until I got your texts earlier."

Straightened up, he looked at them across a small distance, not envious of what they were.

The best price for anything was free. and was a way for Alice to instantly like you. This meant, that despite the mans rather cold way of talking, Alice could not think of him as anything less than a great man. Smiling wide, Alice would cautiously raise herself back to her feet, shifting her weight from each leg, biting her lip as the wound stung just enough for discomfort. Looked like she would be on pain meds for a while.

"Really appreciate then." She would glance back to Asher before returning her gaze to the doc. "Definitely won't go looking for trouble. Don't know how obvious it is, but the two of us are a little new to this whole lifestyle."

THat was that, and Alice was offering to pay for it. He eyed Eli suspiciously, ready for him to drop some disgusting number that Asher was prepared to argue. Instead, he stayed humble, maybe an attempt to stay in good graces since his... friend or whatever had sent them his way. Or maybe he was nicer than he seemed. Either way, Asher was grateful he didn't try and swindle Alice. He stood when she did, not coddling her by grabbing on to her when she seemed to want to find he feet, but he was closer than normal in case she needed the help. "Yeah, thank's for helping on short notice." He said with a nod.

The news of them owing nothing seemed to brighten the girl in particular, so Eli figured sometimes being Dr. Do-Good paid off. Serving others was a part of his whole thing... even if sometimes others made that difficult. Reminder that Jesus didn't make anyone pay for their miracles, sigh, good examples and all that.

"It's obvious," Eli assured the girl with a tight laugh, but the look he gave her was meant to take the edge off of anything demeaning about it. "You'll figure out before long and then you can be like me and deal with everyone else's problems." He approached again, eyes flitting over the set aside bag of fast food that he would definitely be devouring in its tepid form the moment their car was pulling out of his driveway.

"Get some neosporin on your way home, it'll help. You've got my number for the future, keep it. If the jaguars don't hand me my ass at some point, I should always be right here." And now he smiled for his own 'joke,' quick lived as his mirth was.

She really hoped that Eli was right about that, because Alice was more than just a little sick of waking up naked with no recollection, which reminded her that she had some questions for Asher. Mainly, like when the hell he had started remembering his shift, and how he had even gotten to that point, because last she checked it wasn't like he was doing anything differently than her!

Suppressing herself from actually sending the undeserving man a glare, she would keep her attention to Eli, brows quirking a bit at the mention of jaguars. "Uh, you got beef with that gang or something?" She remembered that Yana girl mentioning groups of Weres sticking together, and that some weren't so friendly. She had said that the ones here were typically friendly, but maybe Eli here had stepped on the wrong turf?

Oh, like sewing someones leg up on his living room floor made him any better. Asher knew it was obvious, but he didn't like to hear it. Whatever, dude. He kept his salt to himself, furrowed a brow at the mention of jaguars and gangs and suddenly he had no fucking clue what was happening? Were the Jaguars some kind of literal gang out here? If so, how did Asher not know about it?

Eli touched his hand to his chest as if taken aback. "Me? With them? No." Okay, maybe like small pile of beef in the form of about-to-be $1600 dollars to their princess was kinda that, but it wasn't anyone's business at this point that he was paying the worst were-kingdom HOA of all time but his own. "But they're kinda tetchy about coyotes after some ancient stuff that happened well before I got here, so I have to play nice while living on their fields of plenty."

Shrug! But he definitely wasn't in smile mode anymore.

"Like I said, though... should still be here, nothing to worry about."

Alice wasn't sure if she entirely believed him, but honestly she didn't really care all that much to pry. It was Elis business, and she really didn't feel like putting herself into other peoples problems. She had her own shit to deal with after all.

"Alright, if you say so." She thought about offering to call her if help was needed, but lets me honest, a raccoon was just an fly when compared to a coyote. "Coyotes are good in the raccoons book if that makes you feel any better." She doubted it did, but whatever.

It just got weirder. Asher regarded the two as if they were speaking in another language for a moment, his brain sluggish to key in on the fact that... oh. This was like that bear dude was talking about, with the group thing. He'd... just sort of assumed it was a bear thing, but apparently. Not. Jaguars. They apparently had some claim on this place. It sort of made sense, since the entire area just kinda felt different. Like he was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. Like some rich dude's house wearing muddy sneakers.

So, jaguars were mad at coyotes, but not mad enough to kick Eli out. Cool, good to know. Alice spoke for the raccoons; all two of them; about the coyotes. He agreed, in the very least. "Yeah, tell Alex thanks." He said with a nod. If that was all... he had some questions for Alice. Like where she learned this shit. And he was sure she had some for him.

He did say so! And in spite of his less-than-cuddly feelings about the ring-tailed bowling balls of fur, he found himself a little happy to have made a good impression here today. "It doesn't make me feel worse," he said, tone light, almost as if he was teasing, but maybe not quite. He would take the time, then, to escort them to do the door. "Thanks again for the review, and if you happen to talk to Alex again, give me a five star review."

He knew what he was worth. >:[

Alice would shrug, waddling her way on out the door. She didn't know this Alex chic so she'd let Asher handle the review. "Hope I won't be seeing you too soon." Alice called, waving a single hand as she made her way towards the G-Wagon. Alice was more than ready to get home, and maybe just sleep for another eight hours.

"Got it." He'd say with a two fingered salute. With that, he'd trail Alice out, help her in to the passenger side, then climb behind the wheel. "So, that went well." He said, glancing her way as he pulled out of the nice driveway and onto the quiet street. "What was all that about the jaguars and stuff?"

As she was helped into the G-Wagon, Alice couldn't help but feel a tad bit irritated. Sure it still stung, but she had more than managed to get herself up and out of the house by herself. She didn't need Asher treating her like some crippled old lady incapable of the tiniest movements. She was fixed, so give her space Asher.

"Yeah, went way better than I expected." She answered with a nod of her head, before turning so that she was facing Asher as much she could in the car. "The gangs?"

"Yeah, what the fuck?" He questioned, his forehead scrunched as he looked to her fully as they pulled up to the first stop sign. "It's an actual gang of jaguars?"

Shrugging, Alice would look back out towards the front window as she leaned back into the seat. "Something like that. The girl I talked to said she oversees Bella Vista." She scoffed, turning back to Asher. "Mentioned that a lot of Weres were doing it, and guess some can not be so friendly if you get on their turf."

Something like that. Some girl oversaw one in Belle Vista. Like.... she was like a mob boss or something. Asher snorted out a laugh. "Guess we should make one then, huh?" He questioned. The two of them could totally be a gang. When they weren't busy getting eaten by some unknown Weres.

Alice would crack a smile as Asher snorted out a laugh. "If everyone else is, I don't see why not." They hadn't asked to be apart of this damned species, but there was no way that they were going to allow themselves to be without a gang, especially if everyone else was getting one. "Just have to find more like us." If there were more that is.

"We could make an army of them." He suggested, not sure if that was actually possible. He still didn't entirely grasp how infection worked. But they weren't going to bring up how it happened for Alice right now. "We'll be mob bosses of a bunch of bandits."

Oh, she loved the sound of that. Smile widening devilishly, Alice would nod her head, comically tapping her fingers together as if she were an evil villain. "They could never defy us, for we were the ones to create them." She hummed, before giving her head a hard shake. "But no seriously, that's too much work." Image a whole bunch of cats needing burial services after the first shift. No thanks.

"Mwauahaha!" He added an evil laugh. But, she was right.

"Yeah, I already gotta worry about you." He glanced to her leg with a soft laugh through his nose. Could have been worse, but still stressful. Not something he wanted times ten.

Alice would play pout at this, leaning closer to her raccoon friend. "Oh, am I too much to handle." There would be a slight whine to her voice as she sent a pitiful glance towards the man, blinking innocently.

Asher cracked a grin and rolled his eyes, head shaking as he looked back to the road. "Just hard enough to keep things interesting." He assured her. Honestly, she made this raccoon shit not as bad. Maybe that was fucked up to be glad someone was going through the same monumental life change because of you, but he chose to ignore that. She seemed to be doing fine, despite getting her leg eaten off.

Satisfied with the answer given, Alice would shimmy her way back into the seat. "Glad to hear it." She hummed, folding her hands into her lap. "I wouldn't mind if it was you getting into trouble from time to time though." Better than Alice always having to be the fuck up in every situation.

"Well, tough luck. I'm a saint!" He'd never fucked up ever, not once, in his entire life. He couldn't even keep a straight face about that.

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