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North Glenn 
Kenzie found herself a bench outside the Jade Gardens and there she sat dressed in a black tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Her bag was with her. There was a sweater in there in case she got chilled. She was quite a bit early; she had left her apartment immediately because she did not know how long it would take to get there and was worried about being late. The sky was cloudless and the sun warm.

Despite the niceness of the day and her excitement over hanging out with Liza, she still felt a bit restless. Resisting an urge to fidget and fold paper, Kenzie instead drew a deep breath and leaned back on the bench. She closed her eyes and focused on simply being in the moment, on trying to relax. In the stillness of this, she was aware of a sensation. Her nose twitched. She had felt something similar several times before but it had been smothered by every other thought and feeling she had then, and she had afforded it none of the attention or consideration that she did now. It felt like walking into a strange person's home for the first time.

There was a smell too. Unfamiliar.


She let her eyes wander around her surroundings as if expecting to see an answer.

Kenzie wasn't the only one feeling restless. Liza was thrilled for the opportunity to get out of the house and do something -- and the opportunity to do it with a new packmate made the chance all the more lucrative in her eyes. Ever since the escapade at the planetarium (which, much to her chagrin, she still couldn't even remember having happened), things had been tense to say the least. The chance to simply let loose and spend some time with a confirmed friend was one that Liza didn't intend to pass up.

She arrived rather promptly, though perhaps not as promptly as the ever-eager Kenzie, garbed in a simple, stringy black haltar top and a pair of dark stained denim jeans. She spotted Kenzie almost immediately, grinning broadly as she did so; her wolf was over to greet the other woman's in the metaphysical space between worlds before Liza could even get a word of greeting out.

"Hey! Gosh, you beat me here. And I thought I was going so quick, too!" She stamped her foot in a mock display of huffy disappointment. Still, she caught Kenzie's gaze, and an eyebrow arched as she followed it towards... Nothing. "Looking for something?"

Her eyes still trained elsewhere, Kenzie was first distracted by awareness of her wolf's excitement. It had rose from where it lay somewhere beyond her consciousness and was suddenly bouncing forward eagerly. She turned to see Liza arriving far sooner than expected. She did not mind this at all. Rather, she was relieved to not have to wait long and thrilled that Liza seemed as eager as her.

"Hey!" She grinned, standing to greet her friend. "Oh, no, I uhm..." Kenzie glanced around again and shrugged when she affirmed no one else was really in ear shot. "Do you feel or smell anything here... I don't know how to explain it. Like you know how someone else's house smells somehow different than yours and you feel a bit out of place there when you don't know the people well?" She made a face, her mouth drawing to one side as she hoped Liza could get the gist of her explanation.

"I sort of noticed it as soon as I left Cedar Creek... and I know I've felt it before elsewhere too I just. Have always been bad at sort of paying attention to these things or understanding them."

Liza grimaced -- a facial gesture somehow mirrored by the wolf within, though it manifested more in the baring of frustrated fangs than anything else. "I get it," she confirmed with a sad nod. "I don't know the specifics, but -- I think it means someone else holds sway over this place, the way we do over Cedar Creek." She shrugged her shoulders a bit. "Hopefully whoever it is is alright with us being here. I imagine that they are, given that nobody's come to kick us out yet."

Her eyes flared blue for the briefest of moments; the wolf was acknowledging the potential danger of the situation, bringing itself ever so slightly closer to the forefront of things. With a chiding mental jab, she put her other self back in her place. "Anywho," she said, her smile returning, "I'm sure we'll be fine. So! Let's just focus on having an amazing day, yeah?"

She cast her gaze upwards, towards the place that Kenzie had invited her. "So what is this place, anyhow? I didn't have time to google it before I got here."


That made sense. It made even more when she considered the other times she could remember having felt similarly misplaced.

"I hope so."

Kenzie smiled but it faltered when she saw how Liza's eyes changed color. Blue like hers but of a far lighter shade. "I'm sure we'll be fine too," she agreed quickly, smiling again. She truly didn't feel in danger just... respectful. Like she wanted to be careful not to track mud anywhere or forget her manners. This was the unease she picked up from her wolf too as though it knew that this was not its territory. Who am I kidding. Of course it knows. Liza's discomfort did unsettle her a bit however; called to mind a thought about gangs and turf wars.

"I don't know exactly. Jade Gardens. I guess there's jade and... plants... in there..." Kenzie giggled and held her hands out with her palms out. "It sounded nice. Peaceful. I figured it was worth having a look for something to do with a friend. Come on!" She beckoned Liza to follow with a wave of her hand as she set off toward the entryway to see what awaited them.

Liza was glad that Kenzie felt confident. For some reason, she couldn't shake the sense of unease that settled over her at the mere thought of being in someone else's territory. Idly, her thoughts drifted back towards the planetarium once more.
Nope, still nothing. Inwardly, she scowled.

"Jade and plants sound great," she laughed. Feeling bold, she reached out and grabbed at one of Kris' outstretched hands, gripping it and giving it a little squeeze in her own. She followed intently behind Kenzie as the pair meandered into the gardens.

A pair of massive koi lazily circled some unseen locus in a massive pond filled with floating lilies. The place was humid, placid, and altogether beautiful; a butterfly fluttered past Liza's nose, prompting a giggle from the girl even as the wolf within told her to chase after it and catch it in her mouth for fun.

Sometimes being part lupine was weird. Alas.

"This was a good decision," she giggled, clambering up onto a little inlaid step near the edge of one of the garden patches. "I haven't seen this much beauty in -- well, maybe ever. Indiana isn't really the most elegant place."

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