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The Terrace 

Getting over her own self with this took a while. Natalie had fully embarrassed herself, almost shifted in a freaking bar, while getting Amber’s friend all wrapped up into it. The lady had seemed so nice and Natalie had potentially ended up ruining that. Regardless, she needed to say thanks for running her out somewhere in the middle of a shift to get everyone, including herself, away from danger as well as apologize. Like a lot.

Eventually finding the courage, she had arrived at the Terrace and parked. Getting out, she stalled while looking at the entrance and couldn’t bring herself to go any further. She didn’t know Asha’s hours, didn’t want to assume anything here, and didn’t have her number so… This was stupid, she should just leave. But by gosh, she had a card and was gonna make sure she got it. So, leaning to the wolf for some courage here, she walked up to the front and tried the door only to find it closed. Oh. Looking at the hours, she was way too early which okay, fair enough, she should’ve probably looked it up on google or something. Sighing in some defeat and relief, she began nosing around trying to find a place to leave a card that would get the owner’s attention while not getting stolen. Perhaps, the mailbox?????

Getting here early meant Abraham could tend to the gardens in actual peace! No in-the-way customers! No one trying to sneak a cigarette on the patio! No one asking him stupid questions while he worked!

Plus, there was some real nice tranquility to tending quietly to the space before he did a whole lot else for the day. It was as he gathered a napkin from a plant (sigh) to put in a trash bag that he heard some sort of sound threatening to disrupt his peace.

And a smell. And a... presence. Expression scrunching comically, Abraham dropped the napkin (held daintily at the very edge of two fingers) and circled around through the fence toward the front of the building.

"Can I help you?" he gruffed with maybe a little more suspicion than was justified for some little white chick wolf, but. You know. Full moon.

Natalie had found the mailbox and was lifting the lid back when a male voice nearby had her startling, clutchin git close to her chest Turning around, she looked towards a guy’s face that had her nose scrunching a tad in an almost need to sneeze. That was a familiar smell so maybe they were the same animal.

Stepping over a few steps on the entryway to get a closer look at him and less need to shout, she spoke up. ”Yeah, I’m… do you know Asha?”

Okay, like. Abraham hadn't realized, when he first brought Asha into his life, that he would spend a lot of his time being asked if he knew her.

Everyone knew Asha, and honestly, mostly favorably! With this little wolf he was, uh, not entirely sure yet.

"She's my girlfriend. Whatcha need?"

Less gruff, but not giddily friendly as he drew a bit closer, his cat wanting a good sniff and bite session but, you know. Sorry fat cat.

Oh! This was a boyfriend. Eyes widened a tad before taking a breath, watching him get closer. So there was some things Natalie could trust about him because the were thing and also because this guy knew knew Asha.

Realizing she had a pretty stiff grip on the envelope, Natalie loosened it some. ”So umm, she’s friend of a friend.”

”I almost er, well..,” she drew that out softly, looking a bit off to the side, feeling flustered. That was embarrassing and awkward to bring up so she’d divert around. Looking back at him, Natalie continued on. ”I wanted to give a thank you note to her.”

A wolf with a thank you note for Asha. And it wasn't even Katya! Did Asha spend all of her free time helping wolves? Except Natalie apparently didn't even consider herself a friend of Asha's, which was honestly surprising because basically a third of the people under the age of forty that Abraham ran into were some kind of friend of Asha's.

"I heard a little about it," he said, maybe a little bit teasing. Rookies shifting and Asha saving them! It was a big change from, uh. The earlier days of all this. "Glad it all worked out. Were you gunna... camp out here until we opened?"

Because it was early, kid.

A slight shade change in her cheeks and ears occurred at the mention. No! He’d heard about it! Which made sense, but noooooo.

”I honestly thought you might already be? But um, I was just about to put this in the mailbox seeing as how you… aren’t. Maybe, you can give it to her?” Natalie offered the letter over with an unsure smile.

Simple enough. He saw her turn red and felt only a little bad.

Abraham had lived through several shifting nightmares. If she had the support of a whole pack, plus Asha, she'd be just fine.

"Sure thing," he said, reaching out to take it. He wiggled it a little in his hand.

"You make it back home alright after everything? Didn't get in too much trouble with Alina?"

Letter taken, she kept her hands together, but let arms down to relax a bit in front of her.

It was nice of him to at least inquire, now that everything was just out in the open and all. ”Uh, yeah, yeah, I did. It ended up being okay.” As much as Alina had been this huge presence that made her want to curl up and hide, she’d ended up being a lot nicer one on one than expected. ”And she seemed to understand, even made breakfast for me.”

Huh. That was good of Alina. Abraham wondered if he'd be the same variety of kind. He hoped so.

"Good to hear it," he said, thwapping the letter between two fingers. "It gets easier, eventually. Not having those moments. I had plenty myself on the way there, but it gets easier."

He offered a slight smile, then shifted one foot back.

"Anything else I can help you with?"

That’s what Dante, and Alex, and Alina, and really every were she came in contact with said, so it was good that it was a universally approved thing! Next time she fell off a stool, Natalie would hope to god’s green earth she didn’t shift again because just the reason alone was ridiculous. ”Less surprises would be great,” she agreed.

To the question, Natalie gave a small shake of her head in answer. ”Nope, that was it. I should probably head on out.” Unless there was an unless from him.

Easy enough.

"Stay outta trouble," he said, a little teasing, then turned with the envelope in hand to head back to the garden to carry on with work.


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