The vodka burned its way down her throat, a gentle sear followed by the gag inducing taste of cranberry juice. Still she slammed the shot glass back down on the counter and picked up the next one in line. She had a indeterminate amount of drinks already, and had well passed the buzzed line of drunk.

Stumbling she made it back out onto the dance floor as some song began to play. The words were just a meaningless blur pounding at her ears. But that didn't matter. Closing her eyes against the swaying of the floor she let the beat determine the shaking of her hips. Her pants felt like a thick layer of warmth against her finger tips, and her fingers spreed their way down her thighs.

Forget. Forget the wedding invitation. Forget Liam, Forget Aria. Forget all of it. Thats what the alcohol was suppose to do anyways. Tonight she wasn't Yue. Tonight she was someone else. Someone with out problems, without worries, and most certainly without an old ex worming his way back into her life, or the woman she actually loved marrying someone else. No sir, she was free to do what she wanted without a care in the world.

The heat of someone else made her open her eyes. She could barely make out a face with the way her vision was blurring and the strobe lights that flashed overhead. Hands pressed against her waist guiding her into a grinding dance.

This was not the place for a Ben.

But it was raining very difficultly outside and Ben was clothing soaked. So fast legs, very fast legs, sent Ben rushing in in a blur past the large people at the front who would say "NO!" to someone less fast who also looked just like Ben.

Inside, there was thudding music and bright lights, and also cups that were left behind with liquid still in them. Ben grabbed them from tables and bartops, slurping down bits and mostly ice, crunching between strong teeth that ached for the cold.

This left Ben feeling vibrating inside, pushing through bodies, heart going very fast and focused. Gobbling black pupils sucked in every scrap of light, pulling in every detail. Ahead, there was a lady, and there was someone else near that lady, and...

Whatever they were doing didn't make Ben feel good. There was a wibbling kind of panic, some deep urge that said this was bad. So Ben pushed forward and would shove into the lady in hopes of getting her further away from the other person.

It would probably just be a glancing blow, Ben's legs wobbly from all the things from the cups.


She didn't like the way the hands grabbed at her, tight against her hips. The music pounded in her ears and a sudden urge to throw up climbed up her throat.

And then suddenly something, some blur that might have been a person wobbled into her shoulder. It was only a slight glance of skin on shirt but she was drunk enough to stumble back, her heel stepping onto the man whose hand's were on her. He gave a yelp that was all to loud in her ear and then the hands were gone and so was the heat of his body. Leaving her standing shakily on legs that no longer wanted to support her.

The fear of social ridicule had long disappeared with the shots of alcohol so she didn't hesitate to sink onto her but and attempt to nudge said blur that had sort of hit her.

"Heeey. Wh-whatch you doing?"

The words came out with a hiccup.

Ben's brain hummed and buzzed as music was loud, loud, in Ben's ears loud loud loud.

Looking at her eyes, there was something very strange and powerful and large about them, and Ben stared enough that the question went into the ears but not into the brain. It made Ben want to be closer to her, and so feet would shuffle up, black pupils swallowing up Ben's eyes.

"P-pushing" came the answer, eyes locked very intensely on hers.

Ben had never, ever, ever, ever seen eyes like those.

The man, it was a man she thought, shuffled closer. She could make out some of his features. Beady little dark eyes that stared intensely at hers.

"Well thanks."

She tried to say though it came out a little slurred. Although her feet were beginning to feel more steady and the numbing effect of the alcohol seemed to be fading.

"'m Yue."

She stuck her hand out in the direction that this blurred man was. Thinking to shake his hand or something.


Ben was thanked. It felt soft in the heart, glittery in Ben's eyes as light flashed in reds and blues and mixing to purples.

Her name was Yue Yue Yue Yueyueyue. There was something wrong with Yue. Ben could tell this from the words and the smells. But it was clear she loved him, and this left soft good gentle kind stupid Ben almost unable to look away.

Except when her hand came near. It felt like such an important moment, and Ben knew what to do:

Grasp her fingers with Ben's fingers and hold them.


"Nice to meet you Ben."

The slur of her words was getting a little better too. Surprising considering the amount she had drank. At this rate she was going to have to buy more shots to stay drunk. What a waste of money.

" come here..often?"

The pounding of the music was starting to accompany a headache. Along with the urge to regurgitate everything she had drank that night.

Nice to meet Ben. It was nice to meet Ben. Yue said it was nice to meet Ben. Not many people said it was nice to meet Ben.

There was still something wrong with her, and Ben stared so hard into her eyes that maybe they would be gobbled up into Ben's.

Nice to meet Ben. Yue said it was nice to meet Ben. There was a question and Ben's head shook.

"B- d- I can't go anywhere of- offften."

Ben was usually not welcome more than once.

The man was really interested in her eyes. She might have gotten creeped out if her head wasn't pounding and her attention was mostly focused on keeping her drinks down.

"Could you help me up? Then we can go..go get another drink."

Yeah thats what she needed. Another shot. Then she could..could talk to this Ben about. About something.

The club was starting to seem less and less like a fun time.

Yue wanted Ben to help. Yue wanted Ben to help Yue.

Ben was a hero. Ben was strong. Ben could help. Both arms would be offered out, hands eager to grab her arms to help her in whatever way she could be helped, though likely she would find a stiffness to the gestures that were less than entirely helpful.

Where the drinks were, Ben didn't know, but drinking out of small cups had left a thirst behind. Maybe she would buy drinks for Ben, because Ben had long since lost all the money offered by the food vampire.

Good, good, the man was helping...sort of. His arms were stiff and weren't quite in align with the help she needed, but hell she managed. Using the man's hands and arms as managed to pull herself back up onto her feet, though they wobbled beneath her.

The movement had not helped her stomach which rolled. She had to close her eyes for a moment and just breath before it calmed down.

"Kay...let's go get drunk."

She would attempt to keep hold of one of the man's hands and try and lead him over to where the bar was.

Get drunk.

Ben did not have money to get drunk. Ben never had alcohol for any reason ever. But Ben nodded, and his hand would stay on one of her arms, needing to keep a grip on her for fear of losing her.

"Ar- are you drunk?" Ben asked, uncertain if that was why she seemed to have the strangeness.

"'m trying to be." Was her response. Most of her attention was diverted to her feet as she tried to maneuver them back to the bar without falling over. It seemed that the worst of the dunkeness had left leaving her only tipsy now and with the beginnings of a hangover. The worst part of drinking. But several more shots would fix that. And drink Yue wouldn't worry about the money she was spending so win-win.

She successfully got to the bar and leaned across it to get the attention of the bartender.

"Can I two jello shots for me and this nice guy?"

The look the bartender gave her was one of uncertainty if he should give her anything more to drink, but she managed a smile and the man finally consented and began mixing the drinks.

"You like jello shots riiight Ben?"

Oh. Yue was trying to be drunk. Ben didn't know if that was always just an effort of will, or if there had to be drinking, too. Could Ben try to be drunk? It seemed dangerous, loud, sometimes kicking sleeping Bens. But Yue was trying to be drunk and she was very nice, and she said Ben was nice, too.

Ben did not let go of her arm as she reached the bar, but the squeeze was not too tight. Just enough to make sure she stayed and did not get lost.

Then she looked with her giant, magical, giant large eyes and asked Ben a question that did not have a good answer. There was a nervous swallow.

"P-painful? Are they?"

No one liked pain. Ben did not like pain. Ben experienced a lot of pain.

Tipsy Yue was prone to laughing, and laugh she did when Ben asked about pain. How on earth could jello shots be painful.

"No. No their not painful at all. It's just jello with alcohol."

She patted the hand that was still holding her arm in what she thought was a comforting manner.

"We're gonna get drunk and forget about all the bad stuff!"

God she should just buy a bottle of vodka on her way home or something. This was a great idea to dealing with bad stuff. Drunk Yue didn't care about Liam or Aria, or the stupid jobs that wouldn't take her. No sir. Drink Yue was fun. Drunk Yue was hanging out with Ben.

Not painful. Jello with alcohol. What was Jello? Jello Jello Jello Jello.

There was a pat to Ben's arm, and this was soothing. It was good to be patted on the arm. Ben felt very good, very kind, very loved, and it welled up in the chest like warm pus pushing from inside.

Getting drunk would help forget bad things, and that seemed good, because Ben was unlucky and unloved and stupid and ugly and small and soft and unlucky and had lived through many, many bad things. There was kinship in what she said, and Ben blinked at her, owl-eyed.

"You have bad t- t- too?"

Those beady eyes stared at her and she stared right back. The poor man had opened up the subject and Yue's tipsy brain was ready to flood him with the story.

"Yeah. S'o get this. My ex sends me this wedding invitation asking me to come. I hav'nt talked to her in years but I guess Im just suppose to be over it or something and be happy for her and what every guy she decided to hitch herself too. But I was like, okay its in the past you know. Like we haven't dated in years and I should just be happy for her right..So I responded back sayin sure cause why not. Who doesn't love a free party and food and booze. Then and then she sends back a letter, who even sends letters anymore? But this letter..this letter asks me if I'm bring Liam...Liam is my other ex..the one...the one that...well I fucking hate him and we aren't together anymore. I figure that she doesn't know that...cause you know we haven't talked in forrrevver. Soo, so I tell her that I don't talk to Liam anymore and she says..says that Liam said that he was bringing me to the wedding..."

A lot of talk happened next.

Ben did not understand most of it. It was hard to keep up with it all, and so Ben stared into her giant eyes to listen as intently as any Ben possibly could. There was only one distraction, toward the end, when the clinking of glasses appeared on the bartop.

When she reached the end, Ben struggled to find words to say, but would do the very best for someone who loved him.

"I don't marry anyone."

This spoken solemnly, seriously, eyes still very tightly on hers.

Ben got her. Ben understood. She smiled at him and handed over one of the glasses.

"Good. You're a good guy Ben."

She lifted her own glass and would attempt to clink it against his before throwing her head back and downing the shot in one gulp. The alcohol burned down her throat and sent tears to her eyes.

"Woo. Yeah god that burns. "

It also decidedly didn't settle well in her stomach either. Surely more drinks and Ben's company would fix that.

Ben was a good guy. Good guy Ben. Ben's eyes sparkled with the threat of tearfulness. Ben released her arm from any hands in order to grab the glass just in time for them to be touched, and Ben fought the urge to slap her away from what felt like an attempt to take it.

But she did not, and Ben held it in a hand, watching how she consumed it.

Picking up the glass, Ben held it to the mouth and... suction cupped it into teeth and tongue. Uncertain of what to do, Ben chewed, face scrunching to the taste as an attempt was made to swallow it fast.

"Why'sit- ow!" Ben yelped, blinking to Yue for explanation.

She gave a little hiccup giggle at Ben's expression.

"Is just the alcohol. It'll go away in a second. Do you not drink much Ben?"

There was a spreading warmth through her blood. Yes she was going back, achieving the true state from tipsy to drunk.

What she did achieve however was to suddenly lean over and vomit all over the bar counter to the shrieks of disgust from the other patrons around them.

"I don't feel sooo good."

Ben did drink often but was also often thirsty, and that left an uncertainty of whether to nod or shake the head. But there would be something else right away, and it left Ben gasping big.

The smell was terrible and sour, and the consistency was not even something Ben would eat again if thrown up, which didn't never happen.

Ben felt a clench inside the guts, and squeaked out a concern for Yue Yue Yue.

"Are your insides getting small?!" Ben yelped as twitched of panic began to happen in the foot bones, driven by the horror of the patrons around them and the fury on the bartender's face.

Oh she didn't feel good. Didn't feel good at all. Ben was squeaking and asking about her insides and the bartender was giving her a death glare.

"I think we sshould go outside."

She mumbled stumbling back away from the puke covered bar. The smell of which was making her stomach roll around some more. Her mouth stung and tasted aweful. Alcohol tasted worse coming back out apparently.

Go outside. Throw up Yue wanted to go outside with Ben. That was possible, and Ben found an undercurrent of determination. Ben was good, Ben was kind.

Ben would grab Yue's arm to begin to lead her toward the exit at a pace that would most likely be closer to dragging her. Except that pace wouldn't last very long as Ben's right leg shrunk abruptly several inches, and Ben tumbled downward with a panicked yelp.

hit for grab, feel free to have him lose it or keep it as he falls :B


Helpful Ben came to her rescue, practically dragging her towards the exit. She was all to happy to let him do most of the work as her stomach continued to revolt.

So maybe drinking a lot wasn't such a great idea.

The lights strobbed above like daggers finding there way to amplify her head ache. But they would be outside soon.

Except the next thing that happened was not the opening of a door but rather a yelp from Ben and suddenly they were falling. Yue had been letting Ben take a lot of her weight so there wasn't much time for her to even attempt to catch herself. Still with Ben's wonderful direction she toppled right ontop of the wriggling man.

Sometimes, Ben could stop it early if the desire was very, very great.

But with Yue falling on the body, and loud music, and loud lights, and loud people, and a thousand arms and legs and eyes and stares, it was impossible to stop. Ben yelped out in pain as eye sockets began to shrink, bone swelling, eyes slowly obscured by a body that both grew and shrank.

Ben could only kick and twitch and writhe and cry out through it, hair sprouting out as fingers began to shrank in pairs, increasingly tiny against human-sized palms.

Oh god oh god what on earth was happening. She had no idea but Ben seemed to be getting smaller underneath her and bones were far to staby and prickly on her back. With a groan she attempted to roll off the poor man.

She made it about half way off the now withering mess before she had to stop and close her eyes to stop the sudden urge to empty her stomach yet again.

"Beeeen? What's gooing on?"

Talking was not making it any better. But honestly what every was going on with the man was far more important then her throwing up. People around them were screaming now and it was throbbing in her head.

As Ben sunk nearer to the ground, skin sucking against bones that hadn't shrunk yet, one thing was clear.

There were many moving feet, and those were very dangerous to a small Ben.

Yue was here, and Ben was so sad that now was the time to go away. Maybe she could carry. Maybe she could help. Carry soft Ben. Stroke soft Ben.

Too many legs.

Now Ben was several feet shorter at the limbs, crawling toward the door as the people parted in horror, and automatic response for flight in everyone involved. It was a desperate and monstrous struggle, and Ben could only make sounds that were neither rat nor human as clothing draped from the shrinking body.

Ben was sqweeking and shrinking and was only a bundle of moving clothes now. But that bundle of moving clothes was a nice guy who had been kind to her and drank jello shots, and didn't leave her when she puked.

So she mustered her sick body up to a standing kneeling position and reached out for the clothes.

"Hey..isss okay. I dont know whats going on but Im gonna get you outside okay."

She would attempt to slowly pick said bundle up, hoping to not scare whatever was inside. It was Ben inside right?

Ben was shrinking, and it was good that the clothes hid what was underneath. It would be the second time in recent weeks that Pegasus had a public, ugly scene, but this one would be much smaller. Because Ben was small, and inside clothing.

Still, the body would be the size of a gentle dog and require both arms to lift, at first, but this would change in the time to follow. Hairless on the belly, squeaking, screaming, tail being birthed, Ben was a wriggling mass of suffering, but safely airborne.

It would take another two minutes for the shift to finish, lots of final pieces falling into place, but Ben would be safely bundled within the clothing, scrabbly claws clear of Yue's delicate skin.

Okay deep breaths. She could do this. Her legs wobbled a little when she stood up and she had to readjust her hold on the bundle. The screams echoing from the clothes did clear a path to the door though.

It took a few minutes for her to stumble her way outside, pushing the door open with her back.

The night air was cool against her cheeks but she didn't stop until she was a good block away. Better to be away from the crowds of people. Here she would sink down to her butt on the sidewalk and lower the clothes to the ground.

"You okay Ben?"

It was dark and safer here, held in a world that grew quieter and bobbed gently. Ben twitched and jerked and squeaked through the finishing touches, then fell extremely still. Cooler air filtered in through sleeve holes, and Ben blinked, feeling the world draw near enough to settle beneath wormy gentle paws.

Ben would not move from outside of the shirt, though it would poke upwards with the nudge of a snout.

"I DID BAD!" came a voice so despairing it quaked the little form it burst from, and the urge to flee mounted increasingly.

This was not a choice of Ben, who wanted to be held and stroked and cared for and loved. But Ben was not always the most in charge.

"Iss not bad."

She tried to assure..whatever was squeaking from the clothes. It sounded kinda of like Ben but more squeak toy, Was this some kind power or something. Could he turn himself smaller?

"You can't always control yourself you know. Sometimes, sometimes you just blow things up without meaning to or I guess turn small in your case."

She was kind of curious what Ben would look like miniaturized, but she also didn't wanna squish him by accident.

"You need help gettin out of your clothes?"

Ben did not need help out of the clothes. The clothes felt like a very safe place to be. Yue was reassuring, though, because she loved Ben very much.

But it was hard to listen to words like this. It was hard to hear and think. Ben was hungry. Ben was itchy. Ben needed to scurry and hide and forage and thieve.

Shifting paws nervously, needing a sense of where she was, Ben would eventually move to stick out a small (but not small for a) rodent head from a sleeve holes, blinking blackly up at a towering giant Yue.

Her eyes were still huge, too.

She blinked, and then blinked again. Yep there was a rat staring out at her from Ben's clothes.

"Ben? Did you turn to a rat?"

Wow what kind of other powers were there? Was he like a, like a druid from those video games..the one with the orcs and the humans and the elves with really weird eyebrows. Did he become a rat because it was useful for some reason? She couldn't think of one. But eh. Rats were cute..although this rat was kind of really big and FLUFFY.

"You're soo cute."

It was a Ben rat so she could pet it right? Like it wasn't one of the street rats that rabies or something right?

"Can I pet you?"

There was danger, here, and Ben's Ben brain took a back seat for it as it drew nearer. Beady eyes stared up, small twitching ears listened to the words. She was kind. Ben was cute. Ben was good. Ben was nice.

With soft wariness, Ben rose from the shirt, nearly a foot and a half tall from snout to rump.

Gentle little blinks, more staring, and Ben made no sound, small paws hovering near his chest that rose and fell with tiny rodent breaths.

Oh my god Ben was a big fluffy rat! She want to pet him so badly. But would he bite her? Surely not right? Ben was a good guy.

"Hǎo kě'ài. You're so cute Ben. Pleease can I pet you?"

She inched one hand slowly towards the rat, not wanting to startle him. Would it feel like a dog's fur or would it be softer? Like a cloud? And his little whiskers. They were twitching.

This was more then making up for puking on the bar earlier.

Hǎo kě'ài = so cute


Pet Ben. Pet Ben. Cute Ben. Good Ben.

Two waddly steps led the rat nearer, eyes on her approaching hand with intense, keen focus. Whisker twitch. Tiny sniff. And then, a stillness so intense that even breathing nearly stopped.

Eyes on the hand, not even on Yue's giant, loving eyes.

Pet Ben. Pet Ben. Pet Ben.

He moved closer to her. Was that consent to be pet? She wasn't sure. But she really wanted to.

So she would reached out slowly to attempt to place a couple fingers on the rats head to stroke through the fur.

Nearer. Nearer. Nearer.

Ben was still until exactly the moment a hand touched the woolly fur on the rat's gentle soft head.

In a second, with a soft squeak, the rat turned with long and yellowed teeth to seek a mouthful of the skin of Yue's hand.

Ben didn't mean to, but it was automatic, an urge harder to fight every day.

How nice she would be as a rat, too.



She saw the flash of his teeth and yanked her hand away at the last second.

"Hey...Sorry if you didn't wanna be touched.."

She rubbed at her hand.

It was tragic, and it was hurtful, and the hand moving away was enough to inspire better instincts.

In a flash too fast to be anything natural, the rat tore off down the sidewalk and toward whatever bushes it could find to obscure itself in, racing with panicked squeaks to whatever exhausting place could eventually be decided as "safety."

This would be something to cry and cry about later, the loss of a Yue that loved Ben to the brain of a very persistently frightened rat.

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