I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

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 "Deedeleedee. There they are a’standin’ in the road bum bum bum take one small one some as big as your head..."

 She hummed as she bounced over to pick up her phone, Dakota watching her from the foot of the bed. Fingers scrolled through her contacts, tapping on her sister’s name to FaceTime her. Flopping back onto the bed, Carly made sure both she and Dakota were in frame.

Incoming FaceTime Call

 And continued to sing the coconuts song under her breath as she waited.

This was unexpected. Hope was perplexed a moment when her phone started going off, wondering if it was someone from work, but... nope. Okay, okay, hey, sister!

Brushing her hair back behind her ears she dropped into a spot at her kitchen table and thumbed the acceptance button and put on a light smile.

This is unexpected. Sup, sis?

They hadn't talked in a bit, but this wasn't so out of left field that she felt concerned about it.


Her smile blossomed into a grin, happy to see the face that had been so absent from her life lately.

Not much. Hadn’t heard from you in a while so I wanted to check in. How’s things?

She would tell Hope she was here in Mountainside iiiiin a minute.

Hope tried not to think about her sister having her dog on the bed, and instead smiled back--genuinely!

Things are fine. Same as usual.

Work was the same. Social life was the same. Outside of the Cat Incident--which Carlyn was never, ever hearing about--nothing of note was going on.

Oh my gosh, give me more details than thaaaat.

 Hope could be so closed off sometimes. Carly didn't fault her for it; her sister had always been this way and honestly, all it took was a little bit of prying to get her to talk a little bit more.

Tell you what, you can tell me allll about the last couple of years over a cup of coffee!

 Because that was how to tell someone you moved, Carlyn.

Don't roll your eyes, Hope, she can see you!

Details were hard when you were a data entry clerk with few friends and a penchant for netflix binging and mobile phone games.

But before she could say as much, she was taken off guard.



 Cue the sheepish smile, a hand rubbing the back of her neck as she looked anywhere but the phone for the moment.

Uh... coffee? With me?

 Where was the grimace emoji when you needed it?

She fixed her not-so-little-sister with a strong stare and a half-smile that wasn't sure if it wanted to be a smile or not.


She pressed, already starting to get an idea. Visiting Mountainside without so much as a warning? Goodness.

Anywhere's fine. Where's your fave coffee place?

 Should she say more or shouldn't she? Would Hope be mad at her for moving here? She couldn't imagine that she would be, but it was always possible.

You can show me around and stuff, since I got a job here and everything. Maybe you can help me hunt for an apartment?


Okay, an impromptu visit was one thing. It was totally something Carly would do. The only Hope fuss might have had over that was if she was expected to house her (and the dog, more primarily) and hadn't had warning.

But... wait a second, back up, apartment hunting?

Since when? What happened with the humane society or whatever??

Her tone wasn't mad--far from it, in fact--but it was clear that she had not seen this coming and almost didn't believe it.

Ughhh. The new boss, the one I'd told you about, made it miserable to work there. We weren't able to care for the animals properly and he'd order some of them to be euthanized if they couldn't get adopted within a certain time frame. They weren't even aggressive.

In short, the Humane Society had gone way downhill and Carlyn couldn't be associated with that kind of stuff. Mistreatment of animals made her sick to her stomach.

I decided it was time for a change. Move away from home and all that.


Okay, Hope wasn't an animal person, but even she knew that was shitty.

Gosh, dang, I didn't even realize, Car, I... well, heck.

Stronger words came to mind, but something about her family always had her censored, even if the particular individual wouldn't have likely cared.

I'm glad you found something else, but why didn't you tell me? Where even are you?


 She shrugged. There was really nothing else she could do. She felt awful for leaving her coworkers and her furry almost-children at the Humane society but her unhappiness with her job had started bleeding into the rest of her life and she had just. Needed a change.

Dunno. Scared a'you tellin' me not to come here, I guess. Couldn't tell you why. I'm in a motel in uh... Larkspur? Nothing fancy.

 The truth was, while Carly wasn't afraid of change, going somewhere where she knew absolutely no one was completely and utterly terrifying. She didn't intend on bothering Hope too much but having someone that she knew and trusted close... That made all the difference.

Ugh, it was all fair and valid and again she wasn't even mad she just wondered how someone could just uproot and go like that. It was beyond her.

I'm not mom, I'm not going to tell you its ridiculous. And I'm definitely not going to tell you off. I just... you're so close! When did you get here?

She got up, suddenly antsy, and went to go look out the kitchen window as if she would see the motel from here while her sister watched.

The relief was visible on her face, leading Carly to flop back on the bed and hold the phone up over her face. A pop socket with a taco-cat in space helped her keep hold of the phone.

I got here real late last night. Haven’t even unpacked anything from my car yetttt.

She groaned. She should unpack most of her stuff at least so she wasn’t driving around with it all.

How does coffee and a late breakfast sound?


Well, at least it wasn't simply another dull day in Larkspur, she supposed.

Honestly, sounds really good. You pick someplace in Larkspur, since apparently we're both here, and I can meet you there in like... half-hour? Maybe?


HEY WAIT I don't know where anything IS! You pick!


Nuh-uh, you have a phone, google that crap.


Hooooope. Please. Please.

She was pouting. Look Hope. LOOK AT HER.

The pout just made Hope put on her expertly crafted deadpan look.

What do you want for breakfast?








Little sisters were terrible.

Do you want 7-11 food? Cause this is how you get 7-11 food.


Hey what the heck Hope?

Ugh FINE. I will find something.


Hope did like winning these arguments. Something about siblings did bring out something slightly more competitive in her.

Just let me know where and I'll be there.

She wasn't even going to gloat, just smiiiile.


She stuck her tongue out, though continued to smile as she sat up.

I'll send you the place when I find one. See you soon! Love you!


Love you, crazy. See you soon!

And it was with genuine enthusiasm that she would get up to go and find something a little better to wear.

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