Coyote uglied

The Terrace 
It didn't take too long to head to The Terrace after Crestview Coyote Party 2019 (also featuring a frowning wolf).

Abraham spotted Asha behind the bar looking... could someone look nostalgic? She wasn't the one feeling the nostalgia, just. You know. It brought him back to earlier times, to see her up there comfortable?! Okay whatever Abraham she's your GiRLfRiEnD go talk to her.

So he made his way up, leaning against the counter, waiting and feeling kind of mischiefy- mischevious as he waited for her attention pleaaase.

Hello, she felt him coming inside immediately, and it brought a playful smile to her face. Obviously she was aware that he was excited about something. But why not make him wait for it?

Asha did not once make eye contact, though she didn't stop smiling either. It was only after one beer and three cocktails (sorry, Abraham!), that she turned to him very smoothly, raising a flirtatious brow.

"Helloooo," she singsonged. "Can I get you something, sir?"

HeeeEEeEeey. Abraham honestly probably wouldn't have figured out this was intentional were it not for her smile. But once he did, he settled in, leaning an elbow on the counter and watching her work with a dreamy kinda fondness.

Though after like... the third person, maybe he was bouncing his foot on the bar stool a little. Asha pleaaaase he had gossip.

And then, there she was, and he grinned.

"I think there's a cocktail called a... fuzzy nipple?"

Asha wrinkled her nose and then tossed a slice of lime at him. "Only on your chest, tem'māṭi," she huffed and insulted him in turn, with love, and no he didn't know what that meant because it was the first time she'd used it on him but the moment called for it.

But also no she did not make those in her bar, Abraham. >:[

That said, she nodded upstairs, offering a wink. "Go, get comfy. I'll get a cover and bring us drinks."

The things she let him get away with when she wanted to know what the heck was going on in her town!

Abraham assumed that meant "handsome hairy prince." He pouted at her a little, but he was being sent upstairs to prepare for gossip.

"Thank youuu. Love youuu."

He wanted to lean over the counter to smooch her but wasn't sure if that would, like. Ruin her chance of getting tips or something? Uggh. So instead he went off upstairs to throw himself across one of the couches, thinking about dumb "mate" guy and deciding maybe to leave him out of the story.

"Love you toooo."

It would take a little under five minutes before she came up, and when she did it was with a big pitcher of the maharajah cocktail. What was better than watching Barlit sip on rum and pineapple?? Nothing. Literally nothing.

She also had a big bowl of chips and obviously also salsa. It would have taken too long to make anything else. Walking in, she grinned to him, happy for the quiet and the mischief together. "Sooooo?" Asha asked, impatient as she poured their drinks.

Love Asha. Best Asha. Heart eyes from Abraham to you, Asha.

He sat up properly, obviously needing his full focus for this one, and then patted the space beside him to invite Asha over. As if she didn't know where to sit.

"Alrightalright, so. Scene: it's that sketchy railroad track area. I pull up, and there's big hairy Dante, looking like something punched him in the face. Like. He's bleeding and looking really sour about it."

Here was obviously where it got good because Abraham got really hand-expressive.

"So I'm like, 'Man, another wolf in your car?' And he goes: 'No. Coyote.'"

She settled in close, snuggled up a little, handed him his drink, and listened.

Oh shit, Dante? Got beat up at the tracks? This was already good, but then Abraham added in two more details — his car, and a wolf in his car. Awww shit, was it Katya? Natalie?

Nope. Coyote.


Naturally Asha was a mix of offended, irritated, and about to bust her nose snort laughing. "What the fuck happened??"

Abraham busted out into a grin, honestly a little too excited for eating or drinking because he just wanted to tell this story.

"So then immediately this like, big sketchy van rolls up, and out pops this other tall fuckin' coyote. Older than me, talks funny. He says Alex is on the way. Introduces himself to Dante, so like, obviously this is someone Alex had to call to help or something."

He pondered the mate thing before deciding to just... skip that bit. Whatever.

"Says I must know you. Wanders over to the window of Dante's car and just kind of coos at this fucking coyote that's licking the windows. Then he's like, 'Did Asha ever tell you about the time she hit some dude in the nuts?' Which of course, is Dante. And then that's when Alex arrives, and it goes from bad to bad."

Hold on, was that the coyote she watched in the ring that other time? It had to be — he brought up Dante's nutsack hit in front of Dante which had her hand going to her mouth in a big oops.

Asha wanted to ask about Dante's reaction but Abraham was steamrolling and of course he ended on a cliffhanger so she stared at him with the intensity of someone who needed to continue.

"Bad how??" she demanded to know.

"So Alex arrives, apologizes, brings some meat along. Dante kinda looks like he feels bad, but honestly, it's not really his fault, you know? So Alex starts to formulate a plan, and then-"

Abraham grabbed a single chip, put it into his mouth, and chewed with deliberate suspense, eyebrows up in his hair somewhere.

"The coyote starts pissing all over inside Dante's car."

The thing about being told filler is that you don't know that it's filler until the teller makes a sound that clarifies that it's filler. "And then," chomp chomp chomp, and Asha stared daggers into Abraham for his trickle-dramaing.

Well then he finally said the thing, and she brought her hands to her mouth as she gave an ugly cackle of laughter.

"Oh- my- god. You're joking!!" cried local hypocrite Asha Rao, who once had pissed on Abraham's carpet in angry dominating cat form and had to shampoo it out.

(She wasn't conscious for it at least — not that she knew it was a difference between them.)

Abraham broke into a grin because honestly what great payoff. He sort of stomped one foot in excitement, wiping his hands against the knees of his pants to clear the tiniest amount of chip residue.

"So Dante just says 'Fuck you!' to the dog and stomps off. And then as soon as they open the truck to let the coyote out, it totally behaves. So like. This coyote knows what it's doing. This is no first shift. Gets right into the van no problem."

Abraham shook his head, leaning back a little.

"They all skedaddle the fuck out. Poor Dante keeps walking. I waited to see if he was gunna come back to offer him a ride, but he probably stomped all the way back to Cedar Creek. I don't know what his deal is with the coyotes but I can't imagine he'll be helping any of them again."

Noooo fucking way. Asha was dying of laughter. Never mind that this happened in her own goddamn town, a thing she intended to handle real quick, but this was hilarious.

"Poor fucking Dante! What the fuck!" Queen Giggles bubbled with shitty glee. "Hell I wouldn't wanna help them myself! How fucking embarrassing!"

It was killing her dead. She had tears in her eyes. Roo roo her cat wanted to throttle some coyotes (real or were, didn't matter).

Asha's delight inspired his own, though his reaction was a little more subdued. This was a laugh she was probably owed, Abraham decided, and he took a gulp of alcohol as he shook his head.

"I-" the first word accidentally held that post drink squeak and he cleared his throat "-I don't imagine they'll be back here for a while. Alex looked pretty mortified."

And why wouldn't she be, sheesh. Abraham wondered who the shifted coyote was but would probably never know.

Unless Asha asked that old guy.

"Well good," Asha sighed out with joy, cozy against him. "Fuck her and her fucking self-righteous ass. This is even better than them losing Larkspur."

Another laugh. Maybe she was ugly in her prideful glee; it didn't matter. This was karma, paying Asha kindly. She moved up to kiss him on the cheek.

"Think I should kick em all out? But I like Kai. And that other asshole's money."

It was not Asha's best look, but he did like a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't think we really need to," he said. This felt like something he needed to be careful about, but. "Alex seemed to know it was a fuck up. She was polite about it. And it sounds like Jo's long gone."

Who just left a group like that?

Blah blah blah. If knowing it was a fuck up was enough to preclude someone from having to swallow consequences, then Asha probably would have owned Iron's by now. She'd fucking apologized a billion times.

"If only Jo had had a voice of reason," she sighed out with a fading grin, but she was already making up her mind and wasn't about to turn this into a fight. Asha wanted the kind of payback she could benefit from.

She did have Alex's number from Kai, and pondered texting her there, but that would probably make Abraham cringe or whatever. There was always later. Or tomorrow.

This did feel different, despite Asha's glee. It hadn't been Alex shifting. It hadn't been in public. It hadn't been on TV.

But Abraham knew better than to bring any of that up.

Dipping a chip in salsa, he offered it precariously to the queen.


She liked her idea the more she solidified it in her head.

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