Dog Days Are Over

On top of the lists of things that Alistair shouldn't do was drink right after getting out of the hospital. How he had managed to get back to Hux's place was beyond him, and thankfully there hadn't been much of a fight. He was fairly sure that was because he had climbed in through a window in the dead of night and played it off as he had just watched the sunset.

He was still feeling a wee bit guilty though. Huxtable had definitely been worried and Al had just gone and lied to the poor boy.

It was that guilt that made Alistair stop by the movie store on the July afternoon. Maybe a night in with popcorn and a movie with Hux would calm things down between them? So he walked through the doors and into the grubby little shop.

Brickbuster sounded a lot like some other would be gone american store, one that he was pretty sure had gone out of business. It looked like aforementioned store as well. With rows of the plastic shelves displaying the movies. The floor was a dark color so that the dirt couldn't be seen. He certainly wasn't going to trust it enough to sit down. Not in these jeans.

He passed by a weird locked door with some note or something about 18+ and talk to the counter. He had a feeling he did not want to know what was beyond the revolting orange color of the door.

Alice had been feeling pretty chill lately, somehow managing to shift way less than she had before. It was super great, and very convenient when you had a job to do. Currently sitting behind the counter, Alice sat twirling a pen between her fingers, staring at the screen of her phone as she messaged Asher, bullshitting about which animals would win in fights. Currently it was Hippos vs Crocodiles.

Looking up, there didn't appear to be anyone really in the store, save for one solo man, who was currently reading the sign to their porn stash in the back. Brow raising, Alice would lean onto the counter, raising from her seat just enough to peer around the corner towards him. "You want me to go grab you something?" She briefly wondered if he was a big bitties sort of man, or if he preferred ass... Maybe he was gay. Alice didn't know, nor did she really care.

He wasn't sure if he should be happy to know for sure that someone else was there, or mortified that the woman had caught him looking at the revolting door. The best he could settle on was to take a few very deliberate steps away from the aparent porn room.

"Ah I've never been in before and wasn't sure where your international films would be? Could you possible direct me to that section?"

Please don't let them be anywhere near the porn.

International films?

Like hentai?

Alice was definitely judging as she pushed herself from the desk and made her way closer to the man, twirling the key that would open the door to their little porn hub. "I'm not sure if we have too much of the international stuff, but I can look..." She answered, smirking as she moved to place the key in the lock. "What sort of nationality you looking for?" She was pretty sure she saw some of the Russian stuff last time she had entered.

Oh dear god, they kept the international films with the porn?? He stared at her rather in shock.

"Well something british would be you normally keep the international films with the porn? Is this an american thing? Here I thought you lot were more stick up about fucking."

Maybe he would just wonder over to the family friendly section or something. Imagine what was on the cases over those dvds?


"I mean international porn is the same as regular porn." She answered, pulling the key out as she placed her hands on her hips. "It all has tits, dicks and fucking, not just american." God was this guy dense or what.

He nodded, yes porn was porn, he got that.

"Yeah we're all human and fuck the same. But I'm not looking for porn. I just want a nice british film to watch with my brother."

He gave the door a disgruntled look. The trouble it was causing him.

Oh... OH!

The light bulb went off in Alices head, and she clapped her hands together, moving the fingers towards the man as she did this. "Oh, my bad I thought you meant international porn!" She didn't quite sound as apologetic as she should have, waving a hand as she turned on her heels to lead the man towards the family friendly international movies. "Can't promise you we got anything good." She would call, stopping before their rather small selection of international movies.

Now they were finally moving away from the door of porn, and he couldn't be more grateful. Why on earth the woman had thought he wanted porn was beyond him.

"Im sure if people aren't shagging in it then it will be fine."

Although it might be fun to watch Hux turn into a tomato. But that might lead to him getting kicked out for the night or something. It was fun to tease Huxtable, but he didn't want to scare his brother. And he really didn't want to touch one of the porn cases.

"Then maybe you should stick to the PG-13 stuff." Alice answered with a roll of her eyes. She had never understood the wariness people felt to sex, and while porn might of been a bit more extreme on the film end, to request something with absolutely no sex was a bit moronic to the girl. "Just about everything geared to adults has at least some sex in it." Not all but most, and hell if Alice knew which movies did and didn't have 'shagging' in it.

Alistair very much doubted that everything had shagging in it. There was Doctor Who, the history stuff that Hux sometimes watched, and a whole number of other shows that did not involve to people going at it. Was it an american thing? Did all their movies involve a porn scene?

"Well if you just direct me to where the british films are I'm sure I can find something."

He was feeling rather judged by this woman. First porn and now his choice of movies. At this point he just wanted to grab something and leave. Hopefully to never come back. Surely Hux would take the movie back in for him?

A single brow raising, Alice would wave her hand up along the small wall she had just brought him to. "Foreign section is right here, bud." She replied, fighting the urge to roll her eyes. "Unfortunately we don't line them up by country, just name, so its up to you to look through em." She paused for a moment, squinting her eyes along the rows of movies. "If you have the name of what you're looking for however, I can direct you to the letter." Alice honestly wasn't even sure if British movies counted as foreign movies or not, she had once seen Austin Powers with all the other A's... That was a British movie right? They had the accents at least.

Judgy McJudge face was not making this easy for him. She looked rather exasperated and he was starting to wish she had never offered to help him. Just get a movie and get out of there, were his only thoughts.

"I can look through them myself. Thank you for your help."

And the judgement, that seemed to be most of what she was doing. He turned to look at the movies eyes scanning for the english titles. Hoping that she would take that as a perfect time to leave.

Shrugging, Alice would turn on her heels, making her way back to the front desk with a wave of her hand.

"Yeah, sure. I'll be up here if you need something else." She called, leaving the man to his business. She would be happy to go back to just texting Asher.

Almost none of the titles looked familiar. So he decided Hux was just going to have to suffer through a rendition of Doctor Who. He grabbed one of the box sets at random and head up to the registar and the judgy woman.

"Just this for me."

Alice would raise a brow at the title, although keep her opinions to herself, placing her phone off to the side as she straightened up. "Alright? You been here before?' It was pretty obvious he hadn't before, but it was part of the routine to ask anyways. If not, then I'll have to have your ID to put into the system." She pat the old ass computer that sat before her.

These ruddy american systems. He was lucky he still had his passport at all after the apparent crash he had been through. A little begrudingly he pulled it out and handed it over to her.

"Alright. Here you go. A passports all I have in the way of id"

The passport threw her off for a moment, the information being in different places than the typical drivers license, but she managed to type in the name and address that was required before handing the passport back. She'd quickly scan the dvd and hand that back as well, waiting for the man to pay before offering a wave of her hand. "Alright, thanks for coming and all that." She'd yawn. "Have a good day." Her hand was already drifting closer to her phone.

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