Eat healthy had to be a new torture device that doctors had come up with. Well okay maybe not the whole idea was bogus, but kale sure was. Ash had tried, he really had, to like the disgusting leaf. But no matter what he did to it, between dressings, baking, or frying he just could not get the darn thing to taste like anything he wanted to put in his mouth. He was even at the point of being jealous of Forrest and the other vampire guy, they didn't have to try and eat vegetables to be healthy, they just got to drink blood and not even pay for food.

After yet another mishap involving a setting of a pan on fire he decided enough was enough, and after tossing the bag of green leaves into the garbage he took off for the McDonald's that he heard was 24 hours.

It was way to busy for late at night. And Ash was forced to get in line behind some trucker. His eyes stared holes at the menu. Oh he would pay for eating any of this, especially at his next doctor visit. But screw it he was hungry and the burgers looked good..well sort of.

When was the last time they had changed their menu? He was pretty sure there were still the same items he had seen back in Settle when he had been like 12. Not very innovative. But if it sold then he guessed there was no reason to change it.