Spill My Heart

24 Hour McDonalds 
Eat healthy had to be a new torture device that doctors had come up with. Well okay maybe not the whole idea was bogus, but kale sure was. Ash had tried, he really had, to like the disgusting leaf. But no matter what he did to it, between dressings, baking, or frying he just could not get the darn thing to taste like anything he wanted to put in his mouth. He was even at the point of being jealous of Forrest and the other vampire guy, they didn't have to try and eat vegetables to be healthy, they just got to drink blood and not even pay for food.

After yet another mishap involving a setting of a pan on fire he decided enough was enough, and after tossing the bag of green leaves into the garbage he took off for the McDonald's that he heard was 24 hours.

It was way to busy for late at night. And Ash was forced to get in line behind some trucker. His eyes stared holes at the menu. Oh he would pay for eating any of this, especially at his next doctor visit. But screw it he was hungry and the burgers looked good..well sort of.

When was the last time they had changed their menu? He was pretty sure there were still the same items he had seen back in Settle when he had been like 12. Not very innovative. But if it sold then he guessed there was no reason to change it.

 Let's go to McDonald's, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Poppy was less than happy about having been interrupted during her dive into yet another glass of red. At least she'd gotten to finish it before her friends' mood for fried food and grease had become too overwhelming. Not that Poppy didn't enjoy her own dose of carbs galore. Just.. not yet. Even so, she followed her friends into the place and eyed the clientele for the night.

 Like ever so often, the group of friends were loud and, some of them, obnoxiously so. Poppy stood there with a vague smirk on her lips, rolling her eyes at a friend who dropped a crude comment to one of the truckers. She couldn't really be bothered herself as they slipped into line, Poppy turning to her friends. "Do you really have to be so bloody obnoxious?" Not that she didn't agree half the time to what her friends' said and did, but even Poppy could sometime think that there was a time and place for everything. Dropping disrespectful comments to strangers while intoxicated.. Uhh. How about no.

 "Oh, he knows that I'm kiddin'! Just like emo boy here! I'm sure he recognises a joke when he hears it. Right, mister emo?" Her friend asked, turning the attention to the guy standing in front of them.

It was usually a surprise for Ash to be directly talked to out in public, well as long as he wasn't near a hot topic of course. Or one of those stores with the sales associates who followed you around asking if you needed help with large fake smiles. He tended to avoid those places. As such he almost didn't think the clearly drunk group behind him was addressing him except for the obvious discription. Emo boy? It almost sounded like a reference to a pretty ear bleeding song that he had definetly sacrificed to a fire in middle school. But he was in fact emo, and was indeed dressed in his usual ripped jeans and black hoodie.

That didn't of course explain why a bunch of drunkards were talking to him though. He turned to look at them brows knitting.

Wow they looked about as obnoxious as they sounded. And he had to resist the urge to cringe away from the mutlidud of colors that made up their clothes. He supposed it was a stylish way of dressing, but he didn't care for it, or for the fact that together they made up a big blob of loud voices and color.

If only someone would event a Mcdonalds that catered to the goths and emos. Then he would never have to talk to any other customer.

"Are you talking to me?"

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