Spill My Heart

24 Hour McDonalds 
Eat healthy had to be a new torture device that doctors had come up with. Well okay maybe not the whole idea was bogus, but kale sure was. Ash had tried, he really had, to like the disgusting leaf. But no matter what he did to it, between dressings, baking, or frying he just could not get the darn thing to taste like anything he wanted to put in his mouth. He was even at the point of being jealous of Forrest and the other vampire guy, they didn't have to try and eat vegetables to be healthy, they just got to drink blood and not even pay for food.

After yet another mishap involving a setting of a pan on fire he decided enough was enough, and after tossing the bag of green leaves into the garbage he took off for the McDonald's that he heard was 24 hours.

It was way to busy for late at night. And Ash was forced to get in line behind some trucker. His eyes stared holes at the menu. Oh he would pay for eating any of this, especially at his next doctor visit. But screw it he was hungry and the burgers looked good..well sort of.

When was the last time they had changed their menu? He was pretty sure there were still the same items he had seen back in Settle when he had been like 12. Not very innovative. But if it sold then he guessed there was no reason to change it.

 Let's go to McDonald's, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Poppy was less than happy about having been interrupted during her dive into yet another glass of red. At least she'd gotten to finish it before her friends' mood for fried food and grease had become too overwhelming. Not that Poppy didn't enjoy her own dose of carbs galore. Just.. not yet. Even so, she followed her friends into the place and eyed the clientele for the night.

 Like ever so often, the group of friends were loud and, some of them, obnoxiously so. Poppy stood there with a vague smirk on her lips, rolling her eyes at a friend who dropped a crude comment to one of the truckers. She couldn't really be bothered herself as they slipped into line, Poppy turning to her friends. "Do you really have to be so bloody obnoxious?" Not that she didn't agree half the time to what her friends' said and did, but even Poppy could sometime think that there was a time and place for everything. Dropping disrespectful comments to strangers while intoxicated.. Uhh. How about no.

 "Oh, he knows that I'm kiddin'! Just like emo boy here! I'm sure he recognises a joke when he hears it. Right, mister emo?" Her friend asked, turning the attention to the guy standing in front of them.

It was usually a surprise for Ash to be directly talked to out in public, well as long as he wasn't near a hot topic of course. Or one of those stores with the sales associates who followed you around asking if you needed help with large fake smiles. He tended to avoid those places. As such he almost didn't think the clearly drunk group behind him was addressing him except for the obvious discription. Emo boy? It almost sounded like a reference to a pretty ear bleeding song that he had definetly sacrificed to a fire in middle school. But he was in fact emo, and was indeed dressed in his usual ripped jeans and black hoodie.

That didn't of course explain why a bunch of drunkards were talking to him though. He turned to look at them brows knitting.

Wow they looked about as obnoxious as they sounded. And he had to resist the urge to cringe away from the mutlidud of colors that made up their clothes. He supposed it was a stylish way of dressing, but he didn't care for it, or for the fact that together they made up a big blob of loud voices and color.

If only someone would event a Mcdonalds that catered to the goths and emos. Then he would never have to talk to any other customer.

"Are you talking to me?"

 If Poppy could roll her eyes any harder, they'd be popping out or simply roll to the back of her head. Stating that she wasn't drunk enough to be bothered to side with her friends, as they dropped their comments and were acting like group of drunk high schoolers. Merely glancing at her friend, as she adressed the alternative male standing before them.

 Part of her hoped that he wouldn't be bothered to address them, fully aware that her some of her friends were good at causing a scene. But as he shifted his attention their way, Poppy couldn't help but to wonder why she had even agreed to go to McDonald's. "Yes, yes I am! You surely have a sense of-" Poppy struck her elbow into her friend's side.

 "Seriously, no one wants to listen to your bullshit right now." Poppy gave her friend a stern look, the blonde femme about to object. But Poppy turned towards the boy and rolled her eyes. "Don't mind her, she's had a fair bit too much to drink. So she doesn't know when to shut up."

He was fairly sure they all had far to much to drink. Not being of age himself he didn't really understand the appeal of getting wasted on alcohol. It seemed like a waste of both money and time. Mostly his time at the moment. The devil vegatable was starting to actually sound good, at least when he was home burning it he didn't have to stand there talking to a group of drunkards.

"Yeah I could tell."

Hopefully that was all and he could turn his attention back to the outdated menu. This was apparently the kind of crowd that came to a McDonalds so late at night though as he could all but hear another table of drunk or high idiots somewhere else in the building.

 Much like her friends, Poppy too had had some to drink. That didn't make her obnoxious or even particularly rude, some would even say she could be fairly pleasant. And tonight, at least she was trying to be nice and friendly. Stick up for someone else. But she could tell he wasn't about to have any of it and she figured he'd rather be left alone. It annoyed her and suddenly, she went from telling her friends to back off to instead put herself in his personal space. Just because she could.

 Moving up, standing next to him. Close enough for her arm to brush against his as she eyed the same old menu. "So what are you having, boy? Are you a milkshake kind of a guy?" Glancing at him with an arched brow, a smile played at the curve of her lips. "Ever tried eating fries and soft ice cream? It's delicious. Dipping the fries in the ice cream, mixing salt with sweet.. Just a recommendation." Poppy suggested, slipping before him in line and offering him a smirk.

It was not the end at all. Next thing he knew the woman was standing next to him, far to close for comfort. Her arm brushed against his and he pulled away somewhat violently. Never mind the personal space issue he did not like other people touching him, especially not his arms. So continued in some sort of drunk tirade about dipping fries in milk shakes. Which was definitely gross but from his experience actually pretty good. Although the suggestion coming from her sounded like it would more then likely just create a lump in his stomach.

And then to top the whole thing off she cut in front of him in line!

"Hey. I was here first. Why don't you go back with your friends."

 She really changed with like the snap of the fingers, but only because she suddenly felt like getting something out of him. His reaction to her invading his personal space wasn't entirely surprising, although she hadn't quite expected him to move away like if she was carrying a disease of sorts. Perhaps in his eyes, she was, however and she merely smirked at him as she slipped before him.

 Rolling her eyes, she spun around to face him all smiled and glimmering eyes. "Why? I thought I'd pay. Peace offering and all that." She pointed out, soon pointing at the menu above the counters. "Now tell me, boy, what would you like? I'm trying to be nice here." Her friends were wondering too what had gotten into her, but Poppy waved them off and focused entirely on the emo boy before her. "Or do you think I'm gonna poison your food?"

Right. Trying to be nice, just invading personal space. He held back an eye roll. Regretting the decision to come here in the first place. Still free food was well free. Although there was definitely a suspicion that she was only doing this for laughs later. Being on the receiving end of some bullying in his time Ash wasn't particularly trusting of this offer.


His eyes would drift back to the menu still unsure what he wanted.

"I guess just fries for me."

 It wasn't difficult to see that he was feeling somewhat skeptical towards her and her offer. And maybe, had she been sober, she would've been able to relate to it now. Now? Naah. No stranger danger here and she didn't really have an agenda behind it all. Or did she? Either way, she sighed at him and looked him over, eyes moving up and down.

 "Seriously? You're pretty much skin and bones." Not that she should be the one to say anything, really. She'd gotten her fair share of comments regarding her form, and she knew it was never fun. Unless one were being referred to being a 'goddess' just for going down on a guy. That, she could live with.

 "Come on now, pick whatever you like. I'm at least having a milkshake. And you want fries and...?"

Yeah well major surgery tended to make people thin, especially since he had a hard time eating after it. Well it wasn't entirely the surgery's fault.

Still he could only shrug at her comment.

"I'm not really suppose to eat a lot of junk food. It's not good for my heart."

It really wasn't and he also wasn't super hungry either. The sooner they got through this the faster he could get out of their though. And he was all for getting back into bed and sleeping. Searching for a vampire was getting to be a tiring task. Just get some food and hopefully not socialize with the very drunk group. Hell he was starting to suspect that this woman wasn't all that sober either.

 Furrowing her brows, she watched him quietly as he spoke. Soon letting out a soft hmm, before turning towards the counter and the man standing at the check out. "We'll have some fries then and I want a large, vanilla milkshake." She stated and dug out her wallet from her purse, glancing over at the man.

 "Junk food is never good for anyone's heart, but I guess your is more.. sensitive." She stated rather matter-of-factly while she handed over her card to the cashier. "But what are you doing here then? If you know you shouldn't be eating crap like this." It was a genuine question and Poppy herself was pretty good at stuffing herself with things that weren't good for her. Not all of it food, however.

 "Did you want something to drink by the way?" Her voice all friendly now, even if she hadn't been awfully rude before either.

Well this was better then her obnoxious earlier interactions. He supposed it wouldn't be awful to talk with her for a little longer if she was going to be more quiet.

"I had heart surgery recently. And just a tea for me."

He spoke the last part to the questioning server. Soda had never been an interest of his. It was just so bubbly and it stung his throat when he drank it. Not that he minded the sting so much but it just never seemed worth it when he could get something that actually tasted good.

"I burned the kale I was suppose to be eating."

He admitted somewhat bashfully to her question of why he was here.

 For a moment, she was quiet. Heart surgery, huh? "You heard him, tea as well." She told the cashier and after having paid for their order, Poppy stepped aside. A little smile lingering on her lips, but nothing but friendly at this point. Poppy could come off as a cold bitch at times, but it didn't mean that she didn't have a heart. Pun intended.

 "Kale? Really?" She chuckled, "do you actually like it? Because I've been trying to find a way to like it.. but no. Doesn't even work in smoothies." Poppy rolled her eyes, but the amusement still lingered on her features. Leaning back against a free counter, for the moment completely forgotten her friends, she tilted her head and watched the stranger a moment longer.

 "You know, there's this place in Larkspur where they make devilishly good food. And I swear, it's so good that you'd be amazed at how fresh and healthy it actually is."

He followed her over to the counter, so as to get out of the way of the rest of the line still waiting to order. She definitely seemed less obnoxious now.

"Well no. I really don't like the taste of it, but the doctors say eat healthy so."

He gave a half shrug. Clearly he wasn't eating healthy at the moment. He did listen as she mentioned a restaurant in Larkspur that had good food.

"Huh sounds cool. Sadly my month check doesn't' tend to pay for eating at restaurants."

It did if he ate ramen though, so maybe he could find some time to go down there.

 Poppy shook her head slightly, smirking ever so slightly. "There are other things that are healthy, but doesn't taste like shit." She pointed out and was rather pleased to realise that her friends had given up on catching her attention. They made their own orders and were tending to themselves, making it possible for Poppy to keep her focus on the guy. Maybe she was being nice because he had shared his health situation with her, which had her thinking of one of her own brothers. The difference was that he had the money to actually be healthy and get the best, possible care there was. This guy didn't.

 "That's when you go with a friend who has connections and eats for free." Poppy winked at him, before digging out a receipt for something random out of her purse. Shortly afterwards she pulled out a pen too, and before long she was scribbling down her name and number on the back of the receipt and offered it to him. "At least think about it. I won't bring blondie one and two over there, I promise." Right about then, their order was done and she grabbed her milkshake off the tray. "I'm Poppy by the way, only half-time obnoxious and easily flattered."

Was Ash expecting to get a number tonight. No he definitely wasn't. Somewhat surprised all he managed was a friendly smile when he took the receipt from her. Thankfully the food came out and he could turn his attention away for a solid minute while picking up the fries.

"Alright as long as you don't bring blonde one or two. I'm Ash by the way. Ash Reedon."

He figured the last name was common enough and they were far away from Seattle. Surely she wouldn't think of the serial killer. Said serial killer being his father of course. But no need to go there.

 He clearly didn't talk as much as she did, but at least he humoured her. Pleased that he'd taken her name and number, she somehow still felt that she had won a prize of some sort. "Nice to meet you, Ash." Smiling at him, she threw a quick glance over to her friends before turning back to him with a chuckle. "And I promise. Text me, will you? And I'll take you out for a real treat." Poppy purred happily, bringing the milkshake to her lips for a quick sip.

 "I should probably get going, but don't go tossing my number in a bin now." She asked firmly, her lips soon curving back into a smile of sorts. "Enjoy your fries and I'll, hopefully, talk to you later."

It seemed he was going to be left in peace afterall. With a drunk woman's number on a receipt before him. Seemed there was a first time for everything.

"How can I throw it out after being promised a good meal?"

His eyes crinkled a little with a small smile as he spoke. He did indeed pocket the paper. Even without the promise of a meal he wasn't just going to chuck someone's phone number into a bin. That just sounded dangerous. Wasn't that how creepy people got random numbers? Or scammers?

 At least he smiled at her and she winked at him, in response to his question. You never knew, now did you? Poppy didn't say anything though, but gave him a slight wave. This before making her way back to her friends, who were quick to jump on the tease train. The femme didn't say anything but waved it off, throwing a quick glance and a smile at him before leaving it at that. Not quite sure he'd actually give her a call, but if he did.. Well, she'd see and if he did, she'd live up to her promise.

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