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Stardust Salon And Spa 
It'd been a week or so since she'd suggested her boss at the restaurant fire her (she wasn't about to quit and have to wait until payday for that last check), and she'd been looking all over Cordova for a new job in some restaurant, or at this point even a really nice bar. She knew she couldn't eat anymore, but she was still the best chef around. Well maybe, at this point she didn't really know if she was. But there was no way she'd admit to having lost a skill she'd excelled in her whole life. Luckily for that mindset, she hadn't been declined a job anywhere (she really would've lost it then) but all the good places weren't hiring, and all the other places weren't her cup of tea. Not that the Hole had been either, but shit they'd paid well.

Anyway the picky queen was tired of her search and so today was a day for her to relax and enjoy life. Spa day, because she may be currently unemployed, but she deserved this. And so did her face, which was currently covered in a fancy charcoal mask as she laid back in her plushy soft chair.

Sokol did very much like to treat himself, and it followed that he would go to any spa reviewed highly enough, even if it was over the border, in unfashionable Magic Hollow. (He had had a moment before leaving where he'd thought of inviting Ingrid, but she didn't seem like a particularly good companion in relaxation). Stardust was an interesting place already in terms of its hours, and the lion decided to take advantage of this and arrive well after sunset. For convenience, and also out of curiosity.

He arrived and settled into a chair in the waiting area, perusing the menu, and the receptionist brought him over a glass of low-quality red wine. He smiled and thanked her, setting the glass aside, and wondered...did he smell something dead in here?

It was a little difficult to tell, given the setting. He crunched quietly around in his seat and eyed the only other patron present.

Eddie didn't see him come in, cucumber eyes and all that, but she did smell him. He had that animal smell, the one that radiated off of most everywhere in stupid Colorado. She'd come to recognize that scent as shifter, and while she'd had limited contact with them before, she didn't have any strong feelings about them.

Lifting one of the cucumbers off her eyes, she let her eyes rest on him in his chair. She didn't say anything, just watched him for a minute, trying to figure him out, obviously curious.

He turned to look — and immediately he had to be careful with his gaze, for the woman was looking right at him. At a distance, though, this was not difficult. He smiled and focused on her blackened forehead, calling over. [b]"Anything to recommend? I don't know where to start with this list."[/b

He held the spa menu up in explanation, hapless and slumping a little in his seat.

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