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 Needless to say, she didn't make a habit of texting and checking in on Asha and Abraham, kept what (to her, at least) was a polite but formal distance. It had been long enough that she thought it best to make sure before she started to gab about Were-affairs.

Are these still the numbers of Asha and Abraham?


A groan followed. What now.



That was not how Abraham would have answered, but Asha was too fast so he just stared at his phone and wondered somewhat nervously what this was all about.

Sev wasn't in Belle Vista, right? Just... just Frank.

He'd go out to catch Asha before shes could speed text anything else in response to Yana.

I'll wait for confirmation from both parties - it isn't a dire emergency, everyone is safe and well.

Hindsight probably should have led with that, really.

Huff. Speak of the devil. "Abraham. Yana needs your confirmation. Because you know mine isn't good enough."

Eye roll.

"Good no one's dying or dead at least," he said as Asha greeted him grumpily. He'd write back as he sat at the edge of the pool.

Abraham here as well, Yana

He figured saying the name was good to imply he wasn't just someone pretending to be himself?! This was weird and obviously were-related.

Thank you. This will be long-winded, I apologize.
There was an incident in Belle Vista this evening, a shifted Vampire attacked a woman with powers in restaurant row. Frank happened upon both of them and had the common sense to contact me. The girl was wounded of course, but alive - I chased off the vampire and Frank took her back to his house to treat her wounds. I followed as she saw both of us compromised.

When I got there she was conscious and mentioned that she knew other Were's. Through a series of events it regrettably came to light that one of my own had informed her of what she was and left her intact. The situation is handled now, however, Frank was wholeheartedly against her turning to the point of arguing with me and trying to call Mathis in for back-up.

I do not doubt you two value discretion. He doesn't need to leave Belle Vista, however, I wanted to keep you in the loop that he seems to have a very loose and wild approach to secrecy.



"Oooh, an apology. Never thought I'd get that from her."

Still grumpy. She moved to poke at his leg while she read. And commented out loud.

"Oh, a vampire. Wonderful. Jesus — thanks for not saying a word Frank."


"Jesus Christ."

She looked up at Abraham and it was clear Asha was somewhere between confused and embarrassed and irritated, though exactly who bore the brunt of it in this situation was unclear.

They'd get the first message, then wait for the second, and Abraham felt some dread in the pit of his stomach for every second it took to arrive.

But when it did, and he scanned it and then read it, it...

It wasn't good. But it wasn't bad. What the fuck was Frank thinking, though, calling in Yana's own cheetah to... argue against her?

"Christ," he sighed almost simultaneously. Abraham wasn't giddy about turnings these days, himself. Weres were public. There was... maybe space for leniency. depending on the situation. But arguing with Yana in Belle Vista sure as fuck wasn't the way to go about it. "If she'd kicked him out of his own house I wouldn't even be able to argue with her. If a cheetah did that shit to us in Crestview we'd be fucking livid."

He ran a hand over his face. It was impossible to even imagine, a cheetah in a moment as intense as a turning yowling that they couldn't do it. Fuck. Fuuuuck.

"We can... thank her for the info and... discretion and say that we'll speak with him? Then figure out what the fuck to do from there."

Right, see, that was why he was the fucking voice of reason. Because as he went through it she became increasingly angry.

"He'd never have been involved if he just fucking moved here," she muttered, frowny. "You're gonna have to deal with him. I can't say anything that doesn't involve exploding."

It wasn't like Asha had never come close to outing herself to a human but at least those moments had been literally forced out of her. That or she'd changed whoever she'd told. Not even Amber fucking knew.

That's concerning. Thank you for letting us know. We'll talk to him about it.


Abraham dunked one foot in the pool, nodding.

"Yeah. I'll talk to him. Why... would he even call Mathis in?"

Just. What. What!

It was polite and concise and really all she needed to know - anything further was none of her business, really.

No worries, have a nice night.


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