Emilie was feeling good, and because of that, she wanted to look into moving out of the hotel she'd been staying in and into her own house. She only wanted the best for herself, and Belle Vista had seemed like the best city in the area. She was well aware of the fact that it had an unpleasant, catty scent, but she simply did what she always did when it came to shifters: ignored them.

House hunting was a lot more difficult as a vampire, but a few quick calls around to different real estate agencies, as well as a few flashes of her bank account, had managed to talk one particular agent into helping her out. It was early in the evening for her- a few hours after darkness had settled over the area- and she was standing in front of a large house with a for sale sign out front. She tsked as she looked at it.

It wasn't quite her style, but the outside of the home could always be changed. Emilie pulled out her phone to check the time, noting that her real estate agent wasn't to be expected there for another 30 minutes. She sighed and looked around. Maybe there was someone around who could feed her. She'd have to be careful of course, since she was looking hella angelic in her all-white outfit.