a fresh start

Belle Vista 

Emilie was feeling good, and because of that, she wanted to look into moving out of the hotel she'd been staying in and into her own house. She only wanted the best for herself, and Belle Vista had seemed like the best city in the area. She was well aware of the fact that it had an unpleasant, catty scent, but she simply did what she always did when it came to shifters: ignored them.

House hunting was a lot more difficult as a vampire, but a few quick calls around to different real estate agencies, as well as a few flashes of her bank account, had managed to talk one particular agent into helping her out. It was early in the evening for her- a few hours after darkness had settled over the area- and she was standing in front of a large house with a for sale sign out front. She tsked as she looked at it.

It wasn't quite her style, but the outside of the home could always be changed. Emilie pulled out her phone to check the time, noting that her real estate agent wasn't to be expected there for another 30 minutes. She sighed and looked around. Maybe there was someone around who could feed her. She'd have to be careful of course, since she was looking hella angelic in her all-white outfit.

Locke enjoyed his job, but like any state government there were always assholes in charge. Lazy, entitled assholes that called employees over to their mansions late at night to deliver a report that THEY were suppose to have read days ago, and oh while Locke was there could he by chance give the director a full briefing and by the way, why wasn't the report filed in a spiral folder? The hold punch clamps hurt their hands.

So after Locke got through that torture, he had to trek back to his car. Night had settled in, but his animal eyes had no trouble adjusting. Locke grumbled to himself down the long driveway, mimicking the stupid director in a high pitched voice. "This print is too small. You sure these charts are accurate? I need another scotch. Weh weh weh." He kicked a stone down the drive until his car came into view. It was parked just past the house and his mind registered a person standing right outside the house next door, but he only spared a short glance as his eyes widened at the sight of his precious car's front tire. Flat as a pancake.

"Seriously of all nights?" Locke bemoaned his luck. Why did this have to happen now? He bent to touch the rubber tire solemnly. Probably ran over a nail on the way here. Sighing loudly, he shoved a hand into his pocket for the key. Locke had a spare tire in the back and a hopefully a jack.

As she looked around, her eyes fell on a young man seemingly whinging on about life. She gave a roll of her eyes, particularly when she got a look at his car with the flattened tire. She supposed food was still food, but as she allowed a deep breath to finally fill her dead lungs, her nose scrunched up horribly. Good lord, a shifter. One who definitely wasn't a cat, but he still smelled just as disgusting as one.

She went back to not breathing to avoid the smell and decided to focus on her phone for a moment until she heard the young man complaining about his car. "Do you think you could maybe complain silently?" she suddenly said, giving the young man a roll of her eyes. "It's bad enough that you reek horribly, but I really can't deal with your smell and your complaints. So please, do be a good creature and shut up."

There was a spare tire, but no jack. Locke glared accusingly into his trunk before reaching in to grab the tire. He'd have to figure something else out.

As he rolled out the tire, the woman on the sidewalk made some choice snide remarks. Apparently someone was in a prissy mood today. Her insistence on his scent was a dead giveaway that she was well, dead. A vampire out at night, how charming. Locke sighed again, this time for a different reason.

"Terribly sorry, didn't realize you owned this public street." He quipped back sarcastically. And if anything he smelled like the deepest part of the forest, maybe with a little fish, but she had the rankest scent of the two, so it was hilarious she was the one taking the most offense. His past interactions with vampires were decidedly more pleasant, but he guessed there had to be some rude ones out there. Some people just weren't born with manners.

Naturally he snapped back at her, and she reached out with her power to calm him. The last thing anyone needed was some pissed off beast rampaging down the street. "I don't, but I do believe there's likely a noise ordinance in this neighborhood, and your complaints certainly qualify as noise," she answered back with a roll of her eyes.

"And anyway, why do you even have a car? Don't your type just roam the woods all the time?" She knew they didn't. She'd never come across a shifter yet who actually lived like their animal did, but she was bored and he was there.

Locke would have been perfectly happy to ignore the vampire, he had a pressing car issue to fix, but her last remark had him itching to snark back again. For someone asking for quiet, she sure like talking.

"Probably for the same reason you're not lugging a coffin around. Not all the myths are true." Locke shrugged, his ruffled nerves oddly disappearing. He finished rolling the tire to the car's front. "And I don't know about you, but I wasn't born this way." He assumed vampires were the same way, made rather then popping into existence with a hankering for blood. Of course there had to be the first of their kind, the one to start the crazy bloodsucker train, but even without getting a good look at her, Locke seriously doubted he was talking to the OG vampire. Or worse, if she was born, then a real-life Twilight monster baby.

The boy was boring and she rolled her eyes at his whole myth thing. Sure, there were city shifters, but for the most part, the ones she had known were the types to actually go live in the wilderness- away from people. At the same time, she also never known any vampire to sleep in a coffin- maybe in a time where it was difficult to block out the sun, but she was over 100 years old and had never come across a vampire sleeping in a coffin.

She briefly thought about how funny it would be to flatten his other tires then, but decided that she wouldn't do that. If anything, it would just keep him and his stench around longer. "I have a realtor showing up in a moment and I'd rather you not be in front of the house I might be purchasing when they do. Why don't you just call a cab and leave?"

You just can't win with some people and bitchy vampire lady took the cake. Locke finished loosening the tire screws and stood up. "Why don't you wait further away, seeing as you don't yet own this house or the sidewalk." He swore there was a cinderblock or something around here that could take the place of his jack.

Emilie scoffed. "I could buy this house with cash and still have plenty of money left over to buy dozens of cars a lot nicer than that mess you have there." She moved closer to the boy and his car, purposefully in the boy's way, but also using her powers to make him not so angry. "Where are you trying to get to anyway?" she asked, folding her arms across her chest and looking at the boy.

So vampire lady was rich, not a shocker since this was the ritzier side of town and she was parading around in a flashy jumpsuit. Rich explained the entitledness that practically oozed out her and her need to brag about her supposed wealth. "I'm happy for you. Really." Locke said pleasantly as he opened the back passenger door, pulling out the steel step stool he kept for work. This would work perfectly. Her moving closer was confusing as she had just been lamenting about his smell. Her's wasn't getting any better either, but he let her be. "I'm about to go home and will be on my way in less than five minutes." The last part came out as a grunt as Locke lifted up the front of his car just enough to wedge the stool under the hood.

The creature was too invested in the car to actually look at her, and she sighed in annoyance. She wasn't interested in trying to force him to look at her, but she did at least move fingers near his chin, whether or not he allowed her to touch him was another story, but she would attempt to get him to look at her. She had a suggestion ready for him if he looked at her.

He started working on removing the flat tire, bear strength quickening the process, and got the tire fitted nicely with the first lug nut screwing in. In his peripheral he clocked her moving closer still and something possibly reaching out? She had been openly disgusted by his mere presence and now she wanted to touch him? Locke flinched on instinct, pulling his head away. "Umm, a little personal space?"

He was not going to go about this the easy way. Emilie sighed and reached out with her empathy, to soothe his nerves and make him less upset in her presence. She supposed she could just leave him alone and let him work on the tire, but a glance at her watch told her the agent wouldn't be there still for another fifteen minutes, and why shouldn't she have a little fun?

"You look familiar. Let me get a good look at you," she said gently, moving her hands away from him this time. Hopefully this would get him to look at her.

Okay, this was getting weird. Capital W weird. Her voice had taken on a sweetness that should have warning bells going off, but they were muted under a haze of something. Locke's fingers slipped on the last bolt that he struggled to to put in place. This was all kinds of bad, his bear was pushing against it's usual barrier, wanting a clean swipe the threat. Locke could actually tell his eyes were alight with gold at that very moment. "You know what? Bad touch. You win. I'm out."

Bench ripped away, making the car jostle and shake as it leveled again with a concerning smack against the street's asphalt. Locke didn't stop to look at the vampire who was disturbingly close now. Tools thrown into the passenger seat, he popped open the door and clambered over into the driver's side. The keys were slid into the ignition and the car roared to life. "Have a nice death!" He'd cry out before pulling onto the street. Not a single glance would be given out the rear view mirror. She had won anyway, succeeded in being creepy enough to chase him out. As the distance grew, even his bear agreed it had been the right decision

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