End In Sight

Mountainside Planetarium 

Something was wrong..something was very wrong. There was a jittering in his fingers and the beating of his heart thudded heavily in his chest. Possibly this was the day his body rejected the foregin organ and died. He tried not to think about it. So instead of going to the hospital like he probably should he instead took a uber to the planetarium. Both Forrest and the other vampire had mentioned it as a cool place to go, and he figured it would be something to take his mind off the erratic jumps in his pulse.

In the car his skin began to tingle as if little bugs were crawling up his arms. He had to clench his hands together to resist the urge to scratch, probably a not a great idea considering the shape the skin on his arms were in. It was a relief when he finally reached the dome shapped building. He had tried to come as early as possible for him. Which meant the sun was just starting to set and thankfully the building was still open.

He stepped into the lobby with arms wrapped tightly around his chest. Shuffling forward he made his way to the front desk and purchased a ticket. It was when he was given back the change that it happened.

A flash of rapid fire images in his mind. A swimming swirl of faces, laughter, the sweat of a child's hand clenched around the coin.

He wasn't aware that he had frozen stiff hand still out stretched to take the change. Nor was he aware of the slight drip of blood from his nose.

Ashley had come all the way to Lavender Heights for a work shift she... apparently wasn't scheduled for. There was nothing quite like the looks of confused coworkers who definitely did not expect her in today. Fun!

Feeling kind of embarrassed and like she might as well find a reason to be in Lavender Heights, she went with the planetarium which seemed fancy but not so fancy that it didn't have Groupons.

Ash had barely made her way in before she saw someone having... a... hard time? And gosh, she was really, really not here to heal anyone. She was down more blood than she needed to be right now. But it was really hard not to say anything?!

"Hey, are you okay?" she peeped, approaching tentatively.

As fast as they had come the images vanished leaving Ash feeling even weaker then a few moments ago. He grabbed a hold of the counter to steady himself.

A quiet almost meek voice spoke up from behind him. Most likely a employee or another customer. He didn't look over concentrating instead on the fast beating off his heart.

"I..I think I need to go to the hospital. "

The words came out mumbled and his free hand reached up instinctively to grasp at the shirt above his chest.

That was a strong start! Yikes! Ash watched him seem to wobble, wondering exactly what was going on. Maybe she could heal him? But? Not if she didn't know what he was suffering from.

Bleeding nose, though, and clutching his chest. Huge bad news alarms. She sought to put an arm around him, to maybe steady him toward one of the chairs in the lobby, orrrr maybe just slow his fall if he started going down.

"Tell me what you're feeling, okay?"

An arm wrapped around him and pushed for movement. Not a great idea, his body did not want to move. It wanted instead to begin a slow crumble to the ground. He let his grip on the counter loosen.

"My chest hurts.."

Well that wasn't entirely true, his chest didn't hurt per say. Rather his heart was beating to fast and there was a numbness in his limbs. Black spots were starting to enter the corner of his vision. So possible he was dying. Which kind of sucked.

"Oh my god I don't want to die."

She might have called panic attack, honestly, were it not for the bleeding from his nose.

Instead it was very clear there was something wrong, and she lowered down with him, allowing him to crumple to the floor, but encouraging him to favor lying on his side.

Ashley's brain flipped a switch, and she pointed very sharply to the woman behind the counter across from them.

"You. Call 911. He needs an ambulance. Right now," she said, a barked kind of order. But that was the trick with getting someone to call for help! If they didn't feel obligated to do it, they just... wouldn't.

She kept her eyes focused on the woman until she saw the call happening, a tight little frown on her face.

Looking back at the boy, she sought to kneel beside him, putting a hand to his shoulder.

"Hey, I need you to answer some questions, okay? I'm Ashley, okay? What else are you feeling besides pain? Can you breathe normally for me?"

He supposed this wasn't the worse way to go. There was no endless pain or anything. But he would have preferred to stay alive longer. After all he hadn't gone to the park with Forrest yet. And there was that other vampire, the one who sucked at feeding from people.

A hand was placed on his shoulder and the woman continued to talk. Ashley, there was a sort of joke here he was sure. Ash got saved by Ashley.

He took a few deep breaths like she asked and the black spots in his vision began to clear.

"I'm Ash."

He tried for a loopsided smile.

There! He was doing better! If an ambulance showed up and it was just a panic attack over a bloody nose, it wouldn't be the first time. Better safe than sorry with chest pain.

"Ash and Ashley!" she said, smiling herself. He was breathing better now too, so that was good.

"Are you feeling any numbness anywhere? Any parts it's hard to move?"

He attempted to move his hands resulting in a rather normal movement but a tingling of pain over his skin. As if the limb had fallen asleep and he was just now moving it.

"Well I guess that answers that."

He said as he stretched his hand out over the floor.

"Soo, am I not dying? I mean with the hallucination, and the chest pain.."

It had to be a hallucination, the weird images he had seen. That was the only option he could think off. But why on earth was he seeing things? Shouldn't his chest just hurt and then he would keel over and die?

Someone was coming back to life! Ashley breathed something not quite a laugh. The ambulance probably wouldn't be necessary now, but better safe than sorry.

Hallucinations though. Huh!

" Hallucinations?" she asked, head tilting.

Ashley looked just as confused as he felt. Maybe he was dying? Where hallucinations a symptom of some awefull disease? He would have prefered just for his heart to give. At least it would be a quick way to go.

"Yeah, when I got my change back. There was just a flood of images out of nowhere.."

It could be nothing. Maybe he was just tired? Maybe his mind was getting really bored of sleeping for most of the day and playing a trick on him. Maybe he should stop thinking he was dying.

He tried to sit up and was rather succesfull. His hands were still full of the needles of pain cause from movment. But it would most likely pass. Even his heart had began to slow down.

Hmmm. Ashley didn't know much about that, but it being combined with a nose bleed couldn't be good.

"That sounds scary," she sympathized, staying with him on the floor so they sat near one another as he rose from prone.

"Take it real easy," she said with a gentle smile. "There's an ambulance on the way just to check things out. If everything's just fine, maybe you can even make good on that ticket and check out the planetarium."

It would likely be some minutes before they arrived, but hopefully he would hang out until then.

Well that was good. Maybe if his mind was going off the rails the emt's could tell him so. He had never had hallucinations before, and he didn't think his family had any history of mental illness...well at least his mother's side. He didn't even know who his biological father was. It would be just his luck to have some crazy psychological break.

It was only when the intial panic had died down and he was fully certain that he was definitly not dying did he notice the warm wetness on his face. Fuck, had snot come out of his nose or something? That would be embarrasing. Could he discreatly wipe it? Probably not, and honestly she probably would have noticed by now. Still he tried to nonchalontly wipe a finger over his nose. A finger that came away blood.

"What the ??"

He stared down at the blood and his brain had the wonderful idea that he was in fact dying after all. Fingers trembled slightly.

"Oh fffuck. Is that normal?"

Oops! How had he not noticed the nose bleed? That was even stranger. Maybe he'd just never had one before and the sensation had sent him into a panic?

Whatever was going on, this was beyond Ashley's medical knowledge.

"There's a lot of really boring, ordinary things that can cause nose bleeds," she said. Ashley considered adding that she got them all the time, but that was for magic stuff, and it felt a little disingenuous not to mention that.

"EMTs should be here in a few minutes, and they'll make sure you're fixed right up. Do you feel anything else strange?"

He really wished this would all become clearer. If he was going to die could he just keel over already? The whole thumping of his heart and trembling of his fingers was just making the whole time worse.

"Okay its a nose bleed...Well I mean I feel like a vampire just took a drink out of me or something along that line."

He cracked another smile. He figured it would be fine to say something along that line. Forrest and the other vampire weren't in the area. And it did aptly describe the weak feeling in his limbs and the shaking of his hands. Although he figured that was probably his brain over reacting.

The thought of a vampire drinking anyone left her a little uncomfortable. But Ash seemed to find humor in it, so in return Ashely gave a small smile.

That was about when she saw flashing lights outside, barely visible through the glass of the front entrance. She felt a little relief. Ash was probably fine, but it was best to have that officially confirmed.

"Just think about all your symptoms and tell them to the EMTs when they get in," she said. "I'll step out of the way once they get here so they can do their jobs. I think you're gunna be just fine."

There was a twinge of fear when she mentioned leaving him alone. But he brushed it aside. He knew he had problems when it came to feeling abandoned. But Ashley wasn't abandoning him, she was a stranger, a nice stranger who had stopped to help him and it was completely stupid to feel bad about her leaving him.

"Thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it."

It would be rather ironic if Ashley turned out to be a vampire as well. It seemed everyone who was nice to him wanted to nibble on his wrists. Well he supposed that last vampire had tried to knock him out rather unsuccessfully.

Either way he felt a sense that he should try to repay Ashley somehow.

"I don't think I'm going to use this ticket. Why don't you take it?"

He held out the planetarium ticket he had just purchased.

That was unexpectedly so, so, so nice? Not that she didn't expect Ash to be nice. But it so wasn't required that it caught her off guard. Her mouth dropped open a little, and then closed for a smile.

"You're super nice. I'd appreciate that a lot," she said, taking it and glancing it over the way you did something precious.

"Feel better, okay? Don't forget to breathe."

She'd rise up as the EMTs came in, and watch only long enough not to gawk.

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